Compost Black Label 08

Artist: Syrup
Title: 51 Cents Left / Nee Nee (o.k.g.n.) / Kingsize Red
Cat No: CPT 213-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Love it !! Super tempo and a top bass line … Khan/ Another great release! Swag / Yes wicked disco stuff! DJ Morpheus / Cooool sound! Boris Dlugosch / Thanks for this. I’m feeling these big time – dark, dirty, wonky discoid beasts!!! Steve Nickolls (

Info: After their sexual harrasment remixing venture for Gomma, they are back home with more Disco dope! It‘s the long awaited new lifesign of Syrup on Compost where some time ago a highly acclaimed album was released. Welcome home! This time, Syrup is produced by Mos Wollma!!! Mos Wollmam, the secret Don… Mos Wollma who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, supposedly. Son of a CIA agent and a German dancer, who took him to his grandparents in Germany back in 1983. Since then he was almost invisible for the public and hid himself in an analogue Disco studio landscape, which is constructed from equipment bought on flea markets or built by himself. His idols Peter Brown and Lee Perry are haunting him all the time – and whereever he is (as well as he does).

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