Compost Black Label 07

Artist: Phreek Plus One
Title: I Love You / Boogie Beat / Shake / The Model
Cat No: CPT 212-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Phreek Plus One rock…this will definetly get some booty shaking goin on in clubs. Mille Grazie for that one guys!!! Muallem / “I love you” is an excellent deep techy dancefloor burner. But the other toons are good too! Gerd (4Lux) / Phreek Plus One “I love You” has entered my charts, cool synthlines and a sweet retrofeeling… Marlow (Moon Harbour) / I love “I love you”..! Martin Eyerer (Speedproductions) / Well what can i say – fuckin’ awesome– ‘new disco dimension’, stand out track for me is ‘i love you’ followed by ‘boogie beat’ and then ‘the model’, will use all of these, very fresh very now… wicked. Tim Faberge

Info: Black Label 7 – New “Calzone” á la “Disco Dimensione” = Delicious hot baked Italo Space Pizza filled with Disco-Anchovies, Funk-Pastrami, Boogie-Mushrooms and lots of spices which we are not allowed to talk about (old “family” recipe…for those who know). It turns out that the Compost Black Label Series is more and more a circumferential visibility of delicate international electronic music. This time we take a closer look on Italy. Italy, not only famous for its food culture, is the cradle of Italo Disco  and Cosmic is one of the hottest dancefloor chapters of European Dance history. Since the late 70´s people simply freak out when they hear the tunes of Bellá Italia. And here they are, Phreek Plus One, representing their lovely country with this unbelievable fresh, funky and get your booty on the floor release called “New Disco Dimension E.P.”. Phreek Plus One that´s Ivan Savoldi, better known in clubland as Ivan N. DJ, producer and remixer, his DJ sets are mainly built around Deep House, Funk, Disco and Neonjazz; Alessandro Cattenati, sounddesigner, he’s a great connoisseur and collector of Jazz, Funk, Disco and Brazilian music as well as Giovanni Guerretti, the musician, Gio plays the keys from old_Jazz to nu_Jazz. He is Disco and Funk in one persona. All together they are a new discodope project influence by some old disco stuff, Typhoon, Cosmic nightlife (BAIA DEGLI ANGELI) … and forgotten Italy 70s & 80s clubs scene. Release number seven on Compost Black Label again brings you the hot stuff for your turntable and the right recipe for an all night rumbling party with tracks like “I Love You”, “Boogie Beat”, “Shake” and “The Model” things get quite clear where this record is going to take you. I say: “Yes Ma´am, I Can Boogie…Can You Boogie Too.”

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