Alif Tree – French Cuisine

Artist: Alif Tree
Title: French Cuisine
Cat No: CPT 205-1 / CPT 205-2
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: Nu Jazz where Nu Jazz should have gone, before people started calling it Nu Jazz – and got sick of it. Way to go! Inspiring stuff! Koop should watch out for this Frenchman! Trickski

Info: The man is French, and considers himself as an open minded cook, defending the “art of living à la française“. Mixing ingredients for an unique menu, he is prepared for you: Adding little bits of those nights where he played together with Bugge Wesseltoft, Akosh, Helen Merrill or Rona Hartner, another prise of the scores he wrote for cinema and TV (MTV, MCM, Canal+), music for classical and modern dance ballets. Remixes like the famous one of François de Roubaix for Cinemix, and, of course the long hours of his radio show „Le meilleur des mondes“. Twice a month he combines soundtracks of movies with a widespread musical selection, to “give the audience another way of seeing with ears”. And to conclude his recipe, he adds expericence gained at gigs in NYC, Paris or Sarajevo. On stage, he mixes, using tracks and cinematik ambiances with radio sources, from classical music to experimental electronic, and creates each time a unique trip thru time , space and memory. He can also be a crowd mover when he feels like, heating dancefloors with various spices, without ever falling into clichés. All these unique moments are the essential basis of “French Cuisine” We will recognize the voices of Shirley Horn, Anna Karina, Nina Simone, David Linx or Ana Carril whom Alif met as she was singing for French band La Mano. There is also an homage to Steve Reich. All these different universes, which Alif mixes with grace, they all melt into an unique sensation of space, strength, that offer an infinity of readings.

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