Freshly Composted – Compost 200

Artist: V.A.
Title: Freshly Composted – Compost 200
Cat No: CPT 200-2
Format: CD / Download

Quotes: Really cool and so „con mucho style“ that you wish back the good ol‘ days of the first ghetto-blaster  De:Bug

Info: Eleven years of releasing quality music resulted in becoming an icon of the independent label scene…..we have to thank great artists like Beanfield, Fauna Flash, Koop, Trüby Trio, Ben Mono, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Felix Laband, General Electrics and all the mind-boggling others who carried the label to it´s glamour with their lovely works, that we are still here and right now celebrating our 200th release! Compost 200 is a delightful overview of what we recently released on 12inch and also a foretaste of the upcoming albums by Alif Tree, Jean-Paul Bondy, Muallem and Ben Mono. Forget the overaged terms like Future Jazz, Downtempo, et cetera. We show you our sound of the 21st century and what we like – including some great mixes by Whignomy Bros., Domu, Justus Köhncke, Laurent Garnier, Henrik Schwarz and Maurice Fulton, most of them for the first time on CD. Since a CD shouldn’t be just Music, we are proud to present you the “Compost 200 – Freshly Composted” anniversary compilation in a very special CD packaging – See for yourself.

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