Eddy Meets Yannah – Shamed / Changes

Artist: Eddy Meets Yannah
Title:  Shamed (Domu Remix) / Shamed (Domu Beats) / Changes (Eddy Meets Yannah Adria Mix) / Thinkin’ About The Dayz
Cat No: CPT 196-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: The Shamed mixes by Domu are INSANE! Changes are broken beat splendor. The additional track is tight as well. Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, NYC, USA) / I love the Domu remix, massive just massive!!! Jun Matsuoka (Club La Marquise) / Eddy and Yannah is the new duo in the Nu Jazz scene and provide only goodies, and when Domu joins them for more broken biz, then u are served like a king. Dont miss that, its essential music. Alex Attias / Ouch! This one hurts so good. But we like it rough yeah. Classy interpretation from Domu once again, simply no one bangs out the beats better. Alan Brown (Soul Seduction, Vienna) / Domu’s mix of Eddy Meets Yannah is one of the finest broken joints i’ve heard for some time! Dom Servini

Info: After their first 12” on Compost “Reach The Sky”, which was released earlier in this year’s summer, Eddy And Yannah finally made it. They have reached remix heaven. Their latest single “Shamed” comes with a remix by no other than DOMU. Dominic Stanton aka Umod aka Zoltar aka Realside aka Rima is one of the most prolific remixers and producers around. He never seems to be asleep, his new album is also already in the pipeline to be released by Archive. Domu is Dominic Stanton’s alias for tricky and twisted broken beats. And that is exactly what you can expect. Shamed being a very relaxed, downbeat ballad, was transformed into a broken beat madness. An outstanding rework for an already outstanding track. As Domu’s beats are really dope, they can be also found as a seperate track. On the flipside Eddy and Yannah made some changes to their “Changes”. The “Adria Mix” adjustments give us a more boogie influenced feeling, but still keeping the pace with a nicely broken beat. A great song that brings back summer, when snowflakes are already falling outside. The last of the four tracks, “Thinkin About The Dayz” is a nice uplifting instrumental. It was not contained on the LP version of “Just Like…”, and still it is one of Rainer Trüby’s favourite tracks at the moment. It was him who pushed us to put it on vinyl. So here it is! Croatia’s poster childs have done it again. Eddy And Yannah shouldn’t be ashamed as “Shamed” is great package that makes us happy once again, that Eddy met Yannah. Zagreb is a bank to rely on.

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