Muallem – New Thunder / B About It

Artist: Muallem
Title:  New Thunder / B About It
Cat No: CPT 207-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Great cuts on both sides.. we like it very much, especially the “B About It” instrumental Karina Correa (Five Grand Stereo / NYC) / I’ll get them in a show asap. Simon Harrison / thats dope old school hip hop and  we love it! good for listening,  listen and getting  down on it. im lovin it. FRESH!!!! Alex Attias / “This is a great 12”, i like both sides, production is fierce and top lyric. Rich Thair (Red Snapper / Toob)

Info: It’s the night after the night before and the fever’s not subsiding. But this time, it’s a different kind of rush, a new pace. Hitting you like a slow-motion exocet missile, then exploding on the surface of your soul. From the corner of your eye, you can just about make out the initials. It’s NYC, baby. Together with the big city’s Beans and Wordsworth, two audio rebels from the same parallel universe, you ride the express train to Gold School central, Muallem in the driving seat. The message. Just like Ali, real champions can rock it in 3000 different styles. Chille. This shit is colder than Mr Freeze’s frappuccino. Listen with attitude and nod to these two B-Boy beauties, loud… until the bass goes boom boom. Mastered by few, this is music for millions…

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