Jean-Paul Bondy – Cold Reformer

Artist: Jean-Paul Bondy
Title:  Cold Reformer (John Tejada Remix) / Original Version / Product.01 Remix
Cat No: CPT 198-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: I love it both in the original and the tejada versions…. very atmosopheric and great vocal from mr finlow. Ewan Pearson / I like john tejada rmx very much, excellent build up, the guy never lets you down, respect! and the product. 01 rmx is excellent indeed. DJ Morpheus / Like the release, the original is not my cup of tea but both remixes are strong and will be big with the right crowd. John´s remix is one of his more stripped down ones but it works like a charm – he can do no wrong. DJ Sasse (Moodmusic)

Info: This 12” offers a first teaser track of Jean-Paul Bondy’s forthcoming album on Compost in spring 2006. “Cold Reformer” features the great talent of Carl A. Finlow on vocals. No doubt John Tejada’s remix is a sure winner on the dancefloor. Top production and a very sublime usage of the vocal parts proove once again that he can’t fail, moreover this is one of his strongest remixesso far. On side B Product.01 from mighty Brighton who recently championed with their Blondie cover “Heart Of Glass” deliver a powerful electro breaks remix, also perfect for big time dance action. Originally from Detroit Michigan, Jean-Paul Bondy aka. Volum (of legendary electro duo Volsoc) began his music career at the early age of nine, when started playing the accustic drums. At age eleven he began to expirement with synthesizers. Electronic music became a permanent fixture in his life at age of thirteen. In 1984, four years later after picking up the accustic drums, he left them behind for the first electronic kit he found available on the market. He enjoyed playing in New Wave, Industrial and Techno Bands while located in Motorcity-Detroit. He continued to do so until 1990, when he started working as a VJ for one of Detroit´s Techno Clubs and at this same point began djing HipHop.

In 1993 Jean-Paul moved to Los Angeles, California, and began performing and producing Ambient and Downtempo Electronics under the names Colophon and Two Silver Boxes. In 1994 Bondy yet again evolved his talents into Electro Music. During the latter of 1998 Jean-Paul found Justin Maxwell (SOC) and together they combined wit, talent and innovation to create the angry robot sound Volsoc. With many releases such as “Compuphonic Intellegence” and releases on World Electric, Belief- Systems, Pretention Records, Noodels Institute Of Technology, Volsoc gained instant acclimation with the worlds Electro masses and in turn has given Volsoc the status of one of the worlds leaders of the new sound of Electro. Currently residing in Berlin, Jean-Paul continues to work on Electro projects and furthering his career in animation. His current Live performance through out Europe´s Underground Electro(nica) events continue to abuse audience with his heavy bass, deliberately detailed syncopated weirdness ans “Tounge-In-Check” sound. He has lived up to his status, his music has appeared in almost every Electro Top Ten and DJ-Mix for the past two years. His music is played by likes of Si Begg, Tripper, DJ Tiga, Andrew Weatherall, Bass Junkie, Dexorcist, ADJ and many others. The obsession with analog drum machines, computers, Sience-Fiction films and Video Games has continued to trigger his synapses and evolve Jean-Paul Bondy into the artist we know of and apperciate today.

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