Alex Attias presents Mustang – 10,000 Leagues Deeper

Artist: Alex Attias presents Mustang
Title:  10,000 Leagues Deeper (Laurent “Laboratoire” Garnier Remix) / 10.000 Leagues Deeper (Trickski Remix – The Weather Report)
Cat No: CPT 187-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: If your record-bag doesn’t contain this record…you need backup now Schnittstelle (Flurschaden / antonraubenweiss) / 10,000 Leagues Deeper Remixes, the Lopazz “Child Of Dance,” and that Elbee Bad track. I was really into all of these. I actually had to rerecord my radio show for this thursday, and I ended the show with the Lopazz track. Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space )

Info: After earning lots of respect with his album “Back Home” which was No. 6 in Gilles Petersons charts of the year 2004 and found a place in the hearts and playlists of many DJ’s like Rainer Trüby, Domu, Benji B or Alan Brown. Many of them named the track  “10,000 Leagues Deeper” their favourite one. Now Compost presents stunning remixes by two of the hottest producers. Grandmaster Laurent Garnier comes with a futuristic killer remix, which proves that he got Detroit in his heart. Combining sweet vocals with the Detroit sound is an art not mastered by many but Laurent Garnier sure is one of them and shows it once again. When Laurent Garnier once said about Mustang: ”An amazing range of different styles and influences: It makes u just want to turn the volume up & up as u progress through these stunning tracks. A écouter sans modération “ - He forgot to tell that he will make you want to buy a bigger stereo! The Berlin-based party-gurus Daniel Becker and Yannick Labbé are Trickski and are already rocking the house with their track “Hormony” on Composts Black Label 1 (CPT 189 –1). Now they let their Detroit-hellhounds loose on this track and created one of most exciting deep tunes outside Detroit. Just listen and groove.

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