Rob Turnover – You Really Got Me

Artist: Rob Turnover
Title: You Really Got Me feat. Gwendolyn Rich /  You Really Got Me feat. U
Cat No: ANGST001-1
Format: 7″



`You really got me´
Desperate for a hit in 1964, an obscure band named the Kinks slashed up a cheap guitar amp with a razor blade. When the Kinks released “You Really Got Me” in their native England on August 4, 1964, it was a classic make-or-break moment. Ray Davies had composed “You Really Got Me” in the front room of his parents’ house in Fortis Green, with help from his brother. They wanted the song to be the kind of showstopper that would make audiences dance and go wild, and set out to make it repetitive, “like an African tribal chant.” And as we know history – their wish came true.

Rob Turnover.
Actually he is someone notorious but on the other hand (that is, after listening to this record) we will see him in a different pair of shoes and maybe a new haircut? Rob Turnover is the alter ego of legendary Jazz / Downbeat / D&B-Producer “Minus 8” from Switzerland, who returns to his musical roots such as Rock, Metal, Punk, Electro and reactivated them on this 7”.

The reactivation thing.
By covering the Kinks `You really got me´ Rob Turnover did a real good job. He recorded everything new even more instuments and still kept the originals trashy atmosphere. The sound is much fresher and kicks ass, he added a little electronic flavor in the middle and invited Gwendolyn Rich to put her voice on the A-side-version and this is sexy as sex can be. Gwendolyn is a well-known Swiss model and actress with a classical-trained voice. Right now, she is „The Swiss Underground Star“ who really got the tracks spirit.

On the B-Side „U“ aka Stefanie Keller, the singer of live project „Minus 8 Plus Band“ gave the track the final frontier. She lived one year in Brazil, maybe that´s why she comes on so strong on this tune. Sharp as a Swiss army knife and goes down like good brasilian caipirinha. Real delicious!

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