Product.01 – Heart Ov Glass EP2

Artist: Product.01
Title: Heart Ov Glass (Tommie Sunshine’s 1992 Candyflip) / Heart Ov Glass (Instrumental Version) / State Ov Electrik / Heart Ov Glass (Lopazz HOG Remix)
Cat No: CPT 184-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: If you were to state the fact that you couldn´t make a comparison between Product.01 and any other Electronica act in music industry you wouldn’t be lying, the truth is there is no-one else like them around! Their style is fresh, it is a pure mixture of razor-sharp Electrobeats, heavy Synth-basslines and a riot of bleeps that is complimented by lashings of aural S&M. Juicy Magazine

Info: And here they are again, Product.01. Producer Marc Adamo and songwriter Rochelle Vincente are the names behind UK based Electronica act. Their sound is a mixture of electro and breaks, add Vincente´s trippy vocals to the mix of Adamo´s machines and you´ve got a unique sound that has already been making waves in the world´s electro community. After their debut on Compost Records „Heart Ov Glass Remix EP 1“ we knew this wouldn´t be enough so we didn´t hesitate and here it is the „Heart Ov Glass Remix EP 2“.

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