Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol 10

Artist: V.A.
Title: Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 10
Cat No: CPT 181-1 / CPT 181-2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Quotes: You are at number ten, and you know to expect the unexpected. Compost´s legendary futuristic compilation celebrates ten years of offering something completely different. Alan Brown (Soul Seduction) / A world without Compost – UNTHINKABLE! Maybe you the listener will not accept the `Future` word in the title as easier as others or that other word, `Jazz` sits along side it. Open your mind is all that Michael (Reinboth, CEO) is saying – embrace the age that we live in as well as respect the past. Paul Gamblin (DJ, Black&Blue Radio show) / Just a so extraspheric and brilliant sonic mosaic in tones and tunes: for moments extremely humanoid and ready to be exported to planet X. Crystallic perfect jazz for a film of secret agents and affairs of sensual passion. Helene Ramos Galagarza

Info: Compost Records` legendary compilation series The Future Sounds Of Jazz looks back on a long and all-around appreciated history! The first edition was released back in 1994 – and has its 10th volume out by now! All together an organic collection which changed its face over the years, just like underground music itself. And as we look back, we notice that a few years ago there was a somewhat different main focus to it. It was and still is a mirror of futuristic sounds and tunes, of Latin sounds covered in Downbeat- Electro or Hip Hop but time also modified the layers of modern music. See more hybrid forms with Techno and other extrasensory perceptions. Listen to it  and you’ll feel the freshness. This is definitely one of the strongest selections in a long time; Compost Records moves on to reach and explore new fields and artists in the wide dance music spectrum.  All in all, it´s more diffuse, electronic material which never lost its soul nor spirit. Here we got twelve extraordinary tracks selected by Michael Reinboth. This time MR and Beanfield (Michael Mettke and Jan Krause) did a real good job by crossfading those tracks together for a ultimate listening enjoyment! Take it or leave it!

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