General Electrics – Central Mixes

Artist: General Electrics
Title: Terms And Conditions Apply (The Entity Remix) / Catch The Bus / C’entral Park (Jel Remix) / Terms And Conditions Apply / Badville
Cat No: CPT 182-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Providing the missing link between Gangstarr, Will Oldham and The Prodigy, Herve Salter’s glitchy lounge electronics is the best thing to emerge from Compost Records in years.  Dazed&Confused / Like the Beatles in a pub brawl with the Neptunes, excellent!  Quantic (Tru Thoughts, UK) / A French-British outsider exiled in the USA releases a funky record with an old-styled modernity in which groove is king. Coda Mag

Info: There are essential records that mustn´t be missing in your vinyl rack. “Central Mixes” is definitely among those. A perfect audio trip to your Sunday morning mood… and everybody’s got Sunday morning moods! So get invited and take a listen to the refined art of beatmaking. Starting off with an instrumental remix of “Terms And Conditions Apply”, made by The Entity, a production team mostly known for producing the canadian Rapper Buck 65. This remix convinces with a bass-backed bounce and resonates with moments of genuine inspiration. “Catch The Bus”, a previously unreleased track– seizes you after its very first beat. And once again it includes the typical that’s–what–we–love–him–for General Electrics organ sound and a soft breeze of classy jazzy guitar. The Original Version of “Central Park” starts like a tricky and easy-on-the-hips HipHop tune but ends heavy as hell and in pure madness. This track is bullet proof that RV is able to take everything to another level. Jel, son of Californias label Anticon adds his skills on the “Central Park” remix. His production has the raw energy of the best turntablism has to offer, combined with a subtlety not often found in electronic music.Also to be found on this vinyl is the original version of “Terms And Conditions Apply“. A light, mellow atmospheric mood melody surrounded by cool synths and assorted effects and squeakings. Last but not least welcome to Mr Salters „Badville“. Here´s another unreleased Goodie from RV which rounds off a relaxing journey across Beatworld.

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