Ben Mono – Transmission

Artist: Ben Mono
Title: Transmission / Transmission (The Cheapo Chicks Cheater Galaxy Mix) / Mindsweep / Transmission / Bell Remix
Cat No: CPT 179-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Really dope production, really dope track! Dave Clarke / Really dope production, really dope track Dave Clarke / One thing´s certain…Ben Mono is a seriously talented guy. IDJ / It´s fresh. It´s funky. It´s Ben Mono. Scoop 4 life / I enjoy the record. Josh Wink

Info: In 2004 we experienced a lot… we always hoped the world would be better but it wasn´t. So in the end we were happy that this year was finally over because we always knew that 2005 will be “Ben Mono Year” again and that fact for itself is making the world a little bit more livable! After his debut “Dual” and his 12inches “Plastik Passion” (with legendary John Tejada Remix), “Universal Unit” and “Protection” (with Michi Lange Re-Edit) it was time again to lift Mr. Monos Sound on to the next level. Besides of that fantastic new tracks we were waiting for his second album to be released 2005! The spirit of electro still lives in the profound beats, rhythmically complex and strangely funky. His music is experimental, mathematical, precise but in the end still soulful. Capitol A is an anomaly in the business. Just improved Wahoo´s ”Make `Em Shake It” he also worked with Jazzanova in former times and did a track for 4 Hero Legend Dego on his project Tek 9. Not to forget his collaboration with Clyde on the hit-tune “Serve It Up” released on Mantis Recordings. The producer has pushed his abilities to the limits, but this time he’s brought with it a deeper, hungrier, more bad-ass spirit because of the voice of Capitol A. A spirit that’s rarely found in modern dance music. That´s not enough: The Cheapo Chicks Cheater Galaxy Mix of “Transmission” sounds as if the funky beast is back in town. Be aware of that monster! It will throw you the whole portion of twisted sounds in your face. We have absolutely no idea which person hides behind the synonym “The Cheapo Chicks Cheater”. We´re sorry, but we don´t have the heart to ask. This track is sheer madness! Finally you can hear the classic 808 bells ringing on the Bell Remix of “Transmission”. Just like on their latest album “Seven Types Of Six” released on Soul Jazz Records this remix sounds like robotic funk. “Transmission” at all is the interface of the 70´s to the 90´s. You can hear emotional synthisounds from 70ies Soul to modern and thrilling beats from today and the future. An irresistible mixture.

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