Martin Peter – Bypass

Artist: Martin Peter
Title: Bypass
Cat No: ANGST003-1
Format: 12″

Quotes:` The combination of the stompy kick with simple distorted bass, the twisted synth randomness counterweighted by the haunting voice of Alex Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) – this all gets the hair up on my back. The drum pattern is so beautifully simple. I beat my head against the wall in the studio to achieve this affective simplicity and often get nowhere”.  365 Mag

Info: Dark is the hour and here comes the imaginary soundtrack to your personal 80’s horror movie! And you can try to run. But you can’t hide. This EP and also the new album by Martin Peter to be released on Angora Steel are about to cause you the sweetest nightmares you’ll ever have.
But Martin Peter is not alone. No, sitting under your beds and in your wardrobes only waiting to haunt you with this collection of truly beautiful pain are two more atomic brains.The first of them you can hear featuring on the delirium of „No Means Land“ to which the A-Side of the EP is dedicated. This song pokes you in the eye with the needle that is the hypodermic voice of Munich-based Felix Neuenhoff.
On the flipside, Martin Peter himself gives you the 80’s synthesized death kiss with “Day In The Cafe”. Being a successful DJ for years, Martin Peter knows how to move your bowels. And the harsh guitar riff is indeed creeping down your spine!
The second guest-mastermind and re-animator for all cardiac morons on „Bypass“ is no-one else but the infamous Alec Empire who received high acclaim and great sales globally for both Atari Teenage Riot and his solo projects. And just like the rest of the „Bypass“ EP this stuff isn’t angelic and it isn’t made of harp sounds. Instead, by adding Alec Empire‘s distinctive flavour to this angst-ridden tune, „Bypass“ becomes an aggressive explosion of raw punk and synthetic breaks.




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