Muallem – Sweat / Down 2004

Artist: Muallem
Title: Sweat / Down 2004
Cat No: CPT 177-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes:`Sweat` is a very nice smooth and sexy production, featuring a very enticing b-line that rolls smoothly alongside some nice flowing beats and some seductive French vocals from Audrey.  Resident Advisor / A side: a slow house track with funky bass + sexy vocals in French. On B side the rhythm goes faster and gets pumpin’ on this dancefloor title made of repetitive female vocals & deep atmosphere which alternate with happy parts remembering late 80s / oldschool stuff. Original and efficient. Check audio samples on Compost web site!  Atome

Info: There was a sense that this one could be special and soon the bright lights of the city flicker on your retina, and a kind of nervous tension gets hold of you, it leads you down some strange alleyways and into a dark corner… to a promise. You feel it long before you hear it, there’s something sharp and nasty attacking the soft bits between your ribs, and you fucking realise that this is it, this is what you came for, this very sound, this unbearably sexy nastiness that is Sweat, the soundtrack to a million and two possibilities. And then, when you had a moment’s respite, somebody puts on Down 2004 and it grabs hold of you and pins you against the floor and then smashes you into the wall effortlessly, and this feels nice. And then, when the assault is barely over, you find yourself stumbling to your transport, still in transit between now and then, and there is one question, the only question that seems to be eating your brain cells: Who the fuck is this Muallem.

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