Joseph Malik – Silent Fools

Artist: Joseph Malik
Title: Silent Fools
Cat No: CPT 168-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Imagine Al Green singing Joni Mitchell and you´re halfway there.  Record Collector

Info: Joseph Malik has always been aware of communicating something, and also does so through his choice of remixers. If you’re leafing through the DJ dates of eclectic house clubs worldwide, chances are you come across Fred Everything. Montreal-based Fred Everything’s star has been on the rise since he was cited as having played the best DJ set of 1997’s In The City festival in Glasgow. His soulful production and remix work with labels like 20:20 Vision, Om, Mantis, Shaboom, Grand Royal, Stereo Deluxe, Turbo, and Bombay has also garnered him praise. Now it’s time for his take on Joseph Malik’s “Silent Fools”. Expect a dynamic and energetic remix, set to dance your ass off on any eclectic floor, yet very respectful to the original, it’s vocals and it’s guitar riffs. Put the needle ‘pon the record… On the flipside Plastic Avengers from Edinburgh gives Joseph Malik’s “Believe & See” a visionary rework. NRK’s Plastic Avengers aka George T. Hailing is mates with DJ Sneak and Ian Pooley, and this sympathy clearly shines through his music. Picture a dark club with people communicating through gestures. With speakers calling for sweat. With people dancing for hours. This is not a lounge track! “Somethin’ Good” in a way is the answer to it. It’s an original of Joseph Malik, but featuring Munich’s production team Salvador Group (who you might remember of their maxi on Compost in the late Nineties). In 2004, together with Joseph Malik they come up with “Somethin’ Good” sounding close to Cinematic Orchestra jamming with Volker Meitz. Real tasty late night / early morning juice. Get da papers ready…

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