Party-Keller – compiled by Florian Keller

Artist: V.A.
Title: Party-Keller – compiled by Florian Keller
Cat No: CPT 163-1 / CPT 163-2
Format: 2-LP / CD

Quotes: Essential purchase for anyone keen to hear quality modern interpretations off the good groove.  Straight No Chaser

Info: On “Party-Keller – Vol. 1” Florian effortlessly manages to combine some of the grand styles in music history: A mixture of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae and Rare Groove. And just like the concept of the Party-Keller regular Munich-based clubnight hosted by Florian – the tunes on this compilation are not chosen because of their rareness (although most of them are…) but just because of what they do to an open-minded person’s heart and legs. Florian Keller always had his focus on the creative Funk period – but never ignored all those influences that matter for quality music. All the roots for all kinds of Club music doubtlessly generated in the late 60s to the early 80s. The drumpatterns, the basslines, the development and growing use of electronic instruments, that is what we still dance to and surely always will. No House (and Techno) without the Boogie and Electro, no Hip Hop or Drum & Bass without the Funk and the Reggae, obviously no 80s Electroclash without 80s Electro, and no intelligent music at all without the improvisational vein of Jazz. That simple it is. Originality is what counts for solid sound, and there’s no doubt things are always fuelled with more spirit when they appear for the first time.

Clubnights and associated compilations are as rare as cafés at the seaside. So what’s so special about this one. The answer is preppy easy: this compilation isn’t about dropping extremely rare (but outermost questionable) tracks or rattling off recurrent clichés! Instead, here comes a selection of highly influential sounds from the last thirty-some years of dance music. Among the gems on this album there are high-class tracks such as Althea & Donna’s classic “Uptown Top Rankin”, Children Of The Mission’s “Tears” (produced by Giorgio Moroder) which was used by DJ Shadow for his “Organ Donor”. And last but not least, Daniel Sofer with “Scratchin 100 Speakers” Dr. Dre. Florian Keller has been spinning since 1988 and is among the Top 7 of all Rare Groove DJs, standing in line with Keb Darge (BBE), DJ Shadow, Egon and PeanutButterWolf of Stone Throw as well as DJ Muro Alas this compilation isn´t the first nor last to come – towards the end of 2002 he´s released the „ from Japan. Not only due to the broad experience in this genres he´s gathered over his spinning years but also since he´s collecting records since the mid-80s, swaps rare singles and moreover is mixing funkblasting gems! He sharpened his skills during the years of legendary Munich regular clubnight and radio show `Into Somethin` which had him travelling around the globe.Creative Musicians“ compilation on Perfect Toy. And he´s been mixing the Compost CD for the Street Art book to „The Art Of Rebellion“ (CPT 156)!!! featuring the young

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