Rima – Subdued

Artist: Rima
Title: Subdued feat. Georg Levin (Amp Fiddler Funk Remix) / O Vento Dira (The Wind Will Answer) feat. Cida De Assis (Rima Remix) / Subdued feat. Georg Levin (Amp Fiddler Future Remix) / Telos (Isoul8 Remix)
Cat No: CPT 134-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: 4 wonderful excursions into the true sound of modern electronica. Compost still at the frontier of our crazy little civilization. Alan Brown (Soul Seduction) / Two creative remixes by Amp Fiddler and a slammin` mix by Isoul8 for the floor! Brilliant!   Gerd (4Lux) / My fave Compost release yet. Will stay in the box for ages. Rima mix for warming things up and Isoul8 mix for taking it super deep. Excellent stuff.  Jimpster (FreeRange)

Info: Longawaited 12” follow-up to Rima`s debut of last year, `This World` – A fresh provocative celebration mix mash of shelf broken beat, detroit techno, boogie and jazz fusion! To Domu and Volcov `Subdued` is “the instrumental everybody seemed to like but never got around to performing on..a quick decision to work with George Levin turned this little intrumental into a touching, soulful ballad about keeping your ex-partners at a distance. George is a bad boy..” Along came Amp Fiddler dedicating time and buttered the track with his very own treatment to improve the level of `soulfulness` dangerously. Serious slivers of spaced-soul, filth-funk and grooves. Dive into his new album `Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly` on Genuine Records. The collaboration with Raphael Saadig, Jay Dee and Moodyman does pay off and makes one wonder what´s gonna happen next. Rima themselves laid praws on the loose funky Brazilian catcher this is `O Vento Dira` (which means `The wind will answer`). By the way, those chords were influenced by an obscure Larry Young track. Who is the man behind Isoul8 you may wonder now. Ha, it´s one of Volcov´s countless disguises. So it´s all in the family about mixing the dark and weird `Telos`..the Italian founder of Archive and Neroli Productions likes to work with the synonym when it comes to housier tracks.

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