Koop – Alternative Takes EP

Artist: Koop
Title: Modal Mile (2 Banks Of 4 Remix) / In A Hearbeat (Hird Remix) / Baby (D’ Malicious Acoustic Remix)
Cat No: CPT 154-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: …stirring atmosphere’s are Koop’s true forte……beautifully arranged Q / …one of the brightest and most exhilarating records of the year… iDJ / Essential Album – Seven

Info: As we learned from their last release, Koop means co-operation. The soundscape – not electronic music with a touch of jazz, but jazz sparingly laced with electronics -  known to us as yet is the child of a thriving, cooperative interaction between the core duo of composers/ arrangers/ producers Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson. But the term & idea “co-operation” has now been extended to a form of “external co-operation” that takes shape in a collection of electrifying remixes embedded in an eclectic musical background and compiled on “Waltz For Koop – Alternative Takes” 12”. Those of you who have had the pleasure of emphasising romantic, layed-back, intimate moments of 2getherness with the help of Koop’s wonderful second album “Waltz for Koop”, now have the perfect release to get your partner out of bed before breakfast. Dancing! Being familiar with Koop’s second album, one has the feeling that its magic mellowness has now been underlayed by a steady, driving, solid fundament that footloosens bodies whilst still allowing those mind-kites to fly. Basically Koop’s “Waltz for Koop – Alternative Takes” 12” is a collection of a few remixers’ individual declaration of love towards the original award-winning album.

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