Ennio Morricone – Remixes

Artist: V.A.
Title: La Moda (International Pony We Love Ennio Mix) / Tema Di Mosè (Crazy Baldheads Remix)
Cat No: CPT 148-1
Format: 7″ / Download

Quotes: We chose this obscure Ennio sample for its beautiful vocal quality. Mr Morricone has shown us how to suggest a mood with unique combinations and sonic manipulation of undervalued instruments. Crazy Baldheads

Info: On this year’s 10th of November, Ennio Morricone will turn 75, and we can finally sing out our ‘German-accent-flavoured-birthday-tune’, whilst handing the maestro our neatly wrapped present: ‘Ennio Morricone Remixes Vol. 1 & 2’. But in case that some of you just can’t wait for the day to arrive, we came up with a small, neat, little something that will definitely cure your curiosity! This 7” release contains two of the overall 40 interpretations, that were produced by topnotch Dance- and Electro-Producers from all over the world. They show their respect towards the maestro and call out a loud ‘big-up’ by interpreting their favourite pieces of Ennio’s work with much love and admiration.

With the help of Ennio Morricone’s melodies actors no other than Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro, Terence Hill, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Bronsen, Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson turned into men. This must have been one of the reasons why so many (mostly male) artists came up to us, in order to ask whether they could join the project. On this 7” Germany’s 2 hilarious 3 people International Pony and Australian Crazy Baldheads give you a small taste of how different remixes of Ennio Morricone can sound. The International Pony We Love Ennio Mix is basically exactly how they describe it in their comment on Ennio Morricone further down, namely a rearrangement of the original with additional vocals. No chance to get away with not singing along! Here we go: “Mr. Morricone…” ba bap bap ba baaah bap, “we love Ennio” yeah, yeah.

Crazy Baldheads keep it all layed back with a grave, but sentimental sound, that guides us from trip hops spheric faces, through long winded choires to up-beat movements and drops off our minds miles away from home. Lost in thought. The fascination and admiration for the man, who Warren Beatty once called ‘…the most important composer of today’s time’ and who can refer to no less than 400 pieces of film-music, various pop-classics, numerous pieces of chamber music, several Oscar-, Academy Awards-, Golden Globe- and Grammy-nominations and an endless list of various different prizes and awards won and received over the last 40 years, is  reflected in these two producers remakes.

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