Daniel Magg – Oh Bah

Artist: Daniel Magg
Title: Oh-Bah(Serge’s Remix) / OHand Polished & John Kong Remix / OSlope Remix Pt. 1) /Juan Martinez Remix
Cat No: CPT 141-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Daniel Magg succeeded in producing a warm and soulful debut album, with a guaranteed dance floor twist to it. Plastiks

Info: Former Worldless People member Daniel Magg has only come along with a freshly squeezed debut solo album „Facets“ on Compost Records. After having produced two 12”inches for Compost and a contribution to the “Compost 100” anniversary sampler, Daniel decided to go his own way launching his musical vision further and beyond. Daniel describes this in his own words as an attempt to put his musical heritage and vision in an audible form, creating music with an energy level high enough to make an impact on dance-floors whilst still being musical enough for home listening pleasure. The album may be labelled best as a collection of soulful tunes with some nice slants, each of them  a testimony to Daniel’s love for warm and danceable vibes with a strong and sometimes rough edge from the leftfield house or Detroit camp. He teamed up with different musicians and producers  whose music he felt  a sympathy for, among them are Minus 8, Meitz, Philippe Kuhn aka gentlerain, member of Switzerland‘s Loungechic Productions and former Worldless People Partner Wolfgang Rüter. „O-Bah“ is a kinda rough mid-tempo afro tune with a slight techno edge. A cunning collaboration with Robert Jan Meyer of Minus 8. Genuine percussion, shouting synth cords and a tripped out synth solo make this one a winner on every leftfield dance floor. Kreativkombinat‘s Serge Davidov who´s also remixed fellow Augsburg boys Les Gammas` „Outra Vida“ (CPT 111-1) has transformed „O-Bah“ via masticator into a wild mess of electro peeps and cheeps, scratches, distorted vocals and yes, funky disco bass and beats with synthie-effects. Straight breakbeat from Ray and John Kong Canadian Moonstarr style enables you to get down and chill a bit. Beware, for slowly emerging „Slope Remix Pt. 1“ features a fragmented and cunningly reconstructed „O-Bah“ by Berlin-based Sonar Kollektiv act Slope who is has a new album in the pipeline. Jan Weissenfeldt, the guy behind Poets Of Rhytm or Syrup is tripping in the „Juan Martinez Remix“, telling us that acid space beats are the place.

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