Trüby Trio – Elevator Music

Artist: Trüby Trio
Title: Elevator Music
Cat No: CPT 140-1 / CPT 140-2
Format: 3-LP / CD

Quotes: It´s not “elevator music”, thankfully, but it will lift your spirits. Muzik / Munich-based nu-jazz gods Trüby, Prommer and Appel have birthed a work infused with positivity and sun-drenched good times. XLR8R / this is gonna be pretty essential for the summer. Breakin´ Point

Info: “Elevator Music” – some people might think, “what a dodgy title”, but imagine that one day this sort of music will be played in elevators, shopping malls, airports, radio or maybe in your local yoga class…how wonderful would that be. One thing is sure, the Trio will give their last record to realise this dream. Fight For Good Music! After several 12inch releases on Compost Records, plenty of great remix works and the DJ-Kicks (K7 Records) compilation the Trüby Trio presents their debut album “Elevator Music” on Compost Records.

On board are guest appearances by Joseph Malik, Marcus Begg, Wunmi, Concha Buika amongst many others. The Trio was founded in 1997 by Rainer Trüby, Roland Appel & Christian Prommer. Since the very beginning they played in the Champions League of the dance business, as they brought different flavours like Brazil, Latin or even Disco music together. In doing this they were one of the inventors for a completely new dance genre. Ever since the interest in their music has been steadily growing.  Just think of their remix works for such artists as Turntable Rocker, Nitin Sawhney, Peace Orchestra, Bebel Gilberto, Klaus Doldinger and Frederic Galliano. In 2001 they reached another milestone as they were asked to contribute their favourite tunes for the DJ-Kicks series, for which they also toured the world, where they were able to pick up all sorts of different cultural and musical influences for their inspiration, and finally they were able to work on a full-length album project. Their crackin’ tune “A Go Go”, which can be considered as the first Latin Drum & Bass track ever, a long time before this genre was established. The track was on the second 12inche release (CPT 058) and made it onto the soundtrack score of the successful movie “Anatomie” featuring actress Franka Potente (The Borne Identity, Run Lola Run). The hit was also recently used for the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) charity spot “The Most Beautiful Gesture” featuring soccer pros Ronaldo and Zidane. The spot was broadcasted on various TV channels wordwide. The Trio will be touring worldwide as DJs and also perform live at several special occasions, presenting their album.

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