Future Sounds Of Jazz 9

Artist: V.A.
Title: Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 9
Cat No: CPT 130-1 / CPT 130-2
Format: 3-LP / CD

Quotes: Number nine is relentlessly infectious. Ultimately, the album´s mix of electronic and organic drums is what it makes it special – it´s like a musical cyborg built from the best scraps that jazz and electronic music have to offer. XLR8R / Once again, future is now. Echoes / A top quality package and another must have. BBM / that´s Jazz baby. What´s on UK

Info: Compost’s finest compilation series capturing sounds of the future comes a long way since the first volume in 1994, and reaches number Vol. 9 with this release. Michael Reinboth was digging deeper than ever to come along with a wisely chosen artist and track selection. Surely this selection will surprise quite a few fans of the FSOJ series as this release goes on, leaving the NuJazz stuff behind, and heads for more electronic based material. Nonetheless the sound is full of soul and spirit, the trademark of the FSOJ series. Listen to this CD and you’ll feel the freshness. This is definitely one of the strongest selections in a long time; Compost Records moves on to reach and explore new fields and artists in the wide dance music spectrum.

Hird feat Yukimi Nagano „Keep You Kimi”: Hird is 20-year-old Christoffer Berg from Gothenburg. Under this pseudonym he mixes house and minimalistic downtempo with jazz- filtered, looped and cut up grooves, recorded and played by him and sometimes with guest musicians. Christoffer says: “The idea behind this came up when I heard modal electric jazz songs that were around 120 bpm and thought – these would work great in a club, if they only had a 4/4 beat to it. This track was originally released on the compilation Nordic Lounge [DNM], back then as an instrumental version and it was immediately picked up by deejays such as Michael Reinboth, Alan Brown and Matthew K. It was also played on several radio stations around Europe. One late October evening long-time friend Yukimi Nagano [Koop, Swell Session] dropped by Christoffer’s studio and told him that she had written some lyrics for the track. The result is “Keep you Kimi”. The same hypnotic beat but now with an even deeper soulful touch from the voice of Yukimi.

Season feat. Ernesto „Juice“: After almost 2 years in the studio, the project SEASON featuring members of Compost´s own Salvador Group teaming up with their buddy Dirk Rumpff (OFFtrack Radioshow/www.offtrack.org) finally sees its first tune released. The Collaboration with Swedish wonderboy Ernesto, who has also been singing for Swell Session, Quant, Plej and Beanfield, resulted in a soulful electrodub chopped-up string excursion entitled \”juice\” that´s definitely unique in its style. The initial idea for the project evolved out of the interest to move back to a more song based musical concept rather than following the dictatorship of a mostly short lasting Dj-Clubtool. For the future there are more tunes just about ready to be dropped. 2 more featuring the vocal talents of Ernesto as well as other guest musicians. Peeking into various musical genres this will be a project hard to pigeonhole but always transmitting the love and focus for a soulful groove. Season will also have several tour dates within the FSOJ 9 tour, so watch out for Ernesto’s vocal performance and Dirk’s DJ-set.

Stateless feat. Bless „Leave Me Now“: “’Leave me now’ was made especially for FSOJ9, having the sound from the previous compilations in mind. I came up with a rather interesting jazz dub groove and asked the BLESS (blue eyed soul sisters) girls to do some vocals. It was a true “swell” session indeed, these girls are really something! They’ve been singing together since childhood and they came up with the voicings almost instantly as we hummed through the lyrics and melody that I had written.” Andreas Saag aka Stateless / Swell Session

Foremost Poets „Open Season“ (Main Mix): Johnny Dangerous under his Foremost Poets guise unleashes an awesome vocal house roof raiser that has already been hailed a hit by Jockey Slut, Ross Allen, Gilles Peterson to name a few. ‘Open Season” sees Mr. Dangerous ‘open’ up his vocal chords to full house effect with an infectious groove, backing harmonies, trumpets and a spiritually uplifting track that would be as easily at home on the floors of Body & Soul to the carnival spirit of Notting Hill. Johnny Dangerous is a writer, producer and DJ who has gone on to display his eclectic production skills in the R&B, Hip-Hop and Dance arena, travelling the path of collaborating with a wide variety of artists and producers such as George Benson, Lauryn Hill, Erica Badu, Missy Elliot and many others.

Joseph Malik „Futuristica“ Grand Unify Vox Remix: Joseph Malik’s track “Futuristica” got the remix treatment from his old mate Grand Unify from Edinburgh, Scotland. And what a powerful mix this is – the original version was turned into a perfect dancefloor bomb. Nonetheless this is still a great remix for home-listening pleasures as well. Joseph Malik will soon release a new 12” with remixes from Bobby Hughes Combination and Fudge Fingas.

Triplane „Something To Get Excited About“: Triplane combine the funky double drumming of Maff Scott (The Egg) and Toby Pascoe (BreakBeat Era, The MoonFlowers) with musician and producer Chris Powell (The Big Fish, LoopForce). The twin kit breaks are engineered to occupy every degree of the full stereophonic audiorama – try it with headphones! This tune is an expression of spontaneous joy, an experience common to us all. Other Triplane material attempts to raise the spirits of the dead and also to claim outerspace for the benefit of all peace loving people. ‘Something To Get Excited About’ was composed by Chris Powell – you can check more of his work on the Tokyo record label Angel’s Egg. This track is taken from a very hard to find vinyl from ’89.

Alexander Kowalski „Along“: Following a strong line of well acclaimed releases on Tresor, Konsequent, Surface, BCC, Proton, unGleich and of course Kanzleramt, as well as very successfull remixes for the likes of Christian Morgenstern, Ben Sims, Sender Berlin, Elektrochemie LK (aka Thomas Schumacher) and others, Mr. Kowalski reached a new status in the world of Techno and House. Alexander’s music stands for top quality potential techno club hits as well as funky deep house tunes with a strong dancefloor- guarantee. Kanzleramt recently released his second album “Progress” – brilliant atmospheric deep house and very funky techno tracks – from which the broken-techno tune “Along” is taken.

Yellowtail „Moa“: Born in Japan, based in Brooklyn, Yellowtail [aka Hiro Awanohara] enjoys hanging out in airports lounges, empanadas w/ hot sauce, doing push-ups to “Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic and making music. He also enjoys disc jockeying, fiddling with his guitar and promoting parties on his free time. Currently part of the Royal Flush parties in NYC, Yellowtail’s music reflects his diverse musical influences, blending in layers of flavors from all continents.  Yellowtail plans to tighten up his skills and keep pushing his sound on a global scale.

Dntel „Anywhere Anyone“: Dntel combines melancholy melodies with an assortment of electronic production styles, as well as enlisting friends to add vocals and guitar on some tracks. The results range from Timbaland inspired minimal techno to pop songs buried in static, cut-up acoustic guitars, sampled symphonies struggling to find somewhere to settle, found sound and blissed-out drones. “Anywhere Anyone” is from Dntel’s 2001 release Life Is Full Of Possibilities and features vocals by Mia Doi Todd, who recently released her fourth solo album, The Golden State (Columbia Records).

Monassa „Days And Nights“: Monassa is just the beginning for the ambitious collaborative project of London born producer/remixer Graham Stark. Graham first started recording his own music at sixteen and after playing tirelessly in 4 to 8 live acts at a time moved into designing for streetwear brands .In 2001 his low threshold for boredom drove him to walk away from a well paid job at London’s BBC, to create sounds of his own and to run his design/typographic project Mediavilla. Last year Graham re-located to Berlin with a head full of songs and quickly generated interest in his distinctive sound. He now works with members of the Sonar Kollektiv in Berlin and is currently sourcing fresh talent to work on his debut album project.

Julius Kammerl „Venue“: In 1996 Julius Kammerl from Munich made his first DJ experiences together in conjunction with the founded Mettke (Beanfield) & Kammerl project. Later he formed the Balestra Beats Crew, together with Benjamin Fröhlich (Play Records) and Thilo Schenk. They organised different events in Munich on a regular basis. Inspired by Munich’s “Into Somethin’” club scene, as well as by two longer trips to Brasil, Julius’ music horizon grew continually. Meanwhile his focus is concentrated on different musical styles and many of them have nothing to do with electronic music (Jazz, Fusion, etc.) and his ever-growing record collection covers all those progressive and experimental musical directions of the past decades. After six years of continuous Djing and organising events, as well as ten years of classic piano training, he finally wants to turn his own ideas into music and music production is for him of the utmost importance. The track “Venue” tries to capture these influences. Elements from different musical fields are brought together and put into a new context. In the end it’s all about trying to bring something new and interesting into the spectrum of the club music.

Savath & Savalas „Folk Song For Cello“: The Rolls and Waves EP comes three years after the release of Savath+Savalas’ debut full-length, Folk Songs for Trains, Trees, and Honey.  To many, the birth of Savath+Savalas was something special.  It came from a no name Atlanta producer with a taste for subtlety.  Folk Songs was a blueprint and our introduction to the brains behind it all, Scott Herren.  It was just the beginning and those who spotted the inconspicuous details of Savath+Savalas helped carry Herren to his next stop.  Hefty Records saw a musical innovator in the early stages and helped spread the word. Herren’s recorded output is a documentation of his explorations as a songwriter. During his travels the Atlanta-based Herren has polished his raw talents, most notably as Prefuse 73, a chopped-up, beating-blasting, hip-hop project on Warp Records. Every Herren recording is a new inspiration, composed and recorded in a different bedroom from the last. With the release of The Rolls and Waves, Herren has come full circle.  His carefully crafted blueprint is expanded for even deeper listening. Multi-textured songs bloom through soft focus lenses. The Rolls and Waves EP is an ecosystem of notes connected in a single motion.  You can absorb it as a whole or slide in and out. Herren has picked up and moved him again.  Travelling across the Waves of the Atlantic, he now resides in Barcelona, Spain and is set to begin work on a new Savath+Savalas full-length due out within the year. He has also taken on the long distance duties of record label head, releasing music outside of his own on co-founded label, Eastern Developments.  It’s Herren’s chance to use the influence that he has earned as a musician to bring new artists to his base of supporters.  Barcelona brings another new bedroom and another new start.  It’s difficult to predict what the outcome will be, but it’s clear that The Rolls and Waves EP is a new beginning.

Vinyl Bonus Track: Beanfield „Interlude No. 21102“: Finally it’s Compost’s own Beanfield with a brand-new track exclusive for the vinyl version. Beanfield are in the studio right now, so expect a new album by the end of 2003.

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