Marie Claire Belle De Jour

Artist: V.A.
Title: Marie Claire Belle De Jour
Cat No: CPT 132-2
Format: CD


Info: This CD will put you in a very, very good mood – guaranteed. We’ve selected 14 of the most beautiful, cutting edge modern club Jazz, Easy Listening, Bossa Nova and Latin tracks around. Swing through the day with Victor Davies, De-Phazz, Joseph Malik and Wei Chi, or chill out in the evening with Jazzanova, The Underwolves, Les Gammas and Minus 8. ‘Belle De Jour’ from marie claire and Compost is the perfect soundtrack for the perfect day.

1. Koop „Summer Sun“ (Album Version) The Swedish duo Koop (Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson) bring some relaxed Swing and Bossa Nova to the fold with some of their fantastic electronic sounds. The impressive ‘Summer Sun’ turns every season into summer time.

2. Minus 8 „Runaway“ Swiss producer and DJ Robert Jan Meyer (aka Minus 8 ) has a masters degree in architecture – but instead of creating skyscrapers he creates soundscapes. It’s obvious he made the right decision and in a true Bossa Nova style he creates an optimism and energy that no one should miss.

3. Victor Davies „Better Place“ Victor Davies is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London, who captures the sounds of Latin, Jazz, Folk and Soul. The versatility and spirit of his soft voice and distinctive guitar are totally intriguing.

4. De-Phazz „You Stayed“ About six years ago producer Pit Baumgartner began gathering like-minded musicians. As De-Phazz, they mix dub, soul and jazz with chanson, pop and latin rhythms and create a tasty music cocktail. The gentle voice of Pat Appleton revives the last rendezvous with the track ‘You Stayed’.

5. Joseph Malik „I Don´t Want“ Joseph Malik started out as a producer and DJ in Scotland in the early 90’s. Today, he is internationally renowned for his unique singer/songwriter talent. Lively beats and his wonderful, soulful voice make „I Don’t Want“ a true listening experience.

6. Wei Chi „Heaven“ Behind the Wei Chi project stands Raoul Walton. Bassist Raoul was part of the New York Jazz scene for many years and today he runs his own record label in Munich. The singer Merid Osterman provides the authentic Brazillian feel to this song.

7. Jazzanova „No Use“ Jazzanova are just as welcome at the Montreaux Jazz-Festival, as they are at some sweaty warehouse party. The Berlin based DJ and producer collective have been delivering top class remixes for all the big dance names for many years. Nobody else

8. Victor Davies „Spirit“ see above…

9. Minus 8 „Bossanova Feeling“ see above…

10. Daniel Magg „Last Samba“ Daniel Magg first discovered his passion for electronic music ten years ago in a record store in Friedrichshafen. He started to DJ and soon took over control at one of the clubs in his hometown while playing alongside the big names on the international.

11. De-Phazz „Belle De Jour“ see above…

12. The Underwolves „Stay A While“ This London based band is the brainchild of two musicians and producers: Ned Kelly and Professor Stretch. They caused a stir five years ago with their debut single – is it possible to say „Stay A While“ any better than singer Madeleine on this disarming ballad?

13. Koop „Tonight“ see above…

14. Les Gammas „Outra Vida“ Les Gammas are a perfect team: pianist Jochen Helfert used to play in a Brazillian-jazz combo while drummer Marc Frank was always obsessed by the idea of bringing acoustic and electronic sounds together. Both are talented singers. The track „Outra Vida“ is a near perfect track, only improved by the fantastic voice of singer Nina Miranda.

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