Trüby Trio – High Jazz Remixes Part 2

Artist: Trüby Trio
Title: High Jazz (Freeform Reform Vocal) / High Jazz (Freeform Reform Instrumental)
Cat No: CPT 117-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Thoughtful reworking. Joseph Malik’s superb vocals. Jockey Slut / Freeform Five’s bad ass disco-funk throwdown. Big boogie booyah! XLR8R / this is so funky it almost hurts… brilliant! Breakin’ Point

Info: It’s future-retro funk time– yeah yeah! The man who took Destiny’s Child underground puts his magic fingers on “High Jazz”. Freeform Five is one of the best leftfield producers and remixers these days and there were more than one reasons to choose him for remixing this. He can kick vocals, his distinctive feel and ability to rework anything with musical skills, without loosing the song, and take it any further is his trademark.  He added a totally different flair to the original, turned it into an 80’s boogie tune with funky guitar licks and an explosive bass line for dancers’ full savvy.  Just like Prince in the old days, this guy rocks the porn star parties. Freeform Five is responsible for some of the best remixes made in the past years. Just think of his classic version of Isolee’s “Beau Mot Plague”, or Tim Hutton’s “Colours” which was picked up by Trüby Trio on their DJ-Kicks. “Perspex Sex” was his latest hit on Classic. The Trüby Trio just finished a remix for Wagon Cookin’s track “Mar”, out soon on Appetizers Records, and working on their debut album.

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