Glücklich 5 Taster

Artist: V.A.
Title: Casa Forte (R.E.Q.) / Moonlight (Nu Tropic) / Lua (Wagon Cookin’)
Cat No: CPT 115-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: With this compilation Rainer Truby has played pedagogue again – this is essential summer listening! …this compilation spans years and continents, uniting genres and producers through the Brazilian vibe. Straight No Chaser / With a mission to present Brazilian-fused music from a new generation of if international artists alongside that of their Brazilian influences, Glücklich III is an astonishing effort by the talented Rainer Truby. URB / Compiled by Rainer Trüby for this Munich-based label, it’s a highly original and crisply varied volume. … Cute sleeve too. Time Out / Musical fireworks. 7 Magazine

Info: This is the obligatory extra 12” in the Glücklich series. Attention all tracks here are not on the vinyl version of the compilation, and both tracks on Side B are exclusives to Glücklich Vol.5. R.E.Q. were a UK band that had their moment in the early 80ies with their rather progressive and unique Jazz-Funk style. One can easily say that they were far ahead of their time – R.E.Q. were probably the first to cover an old 60ies classic from a musical field to which Edu Lobo can be count, something that only became popular in the mid 90ies by many brasil dance and nu jazz acts. Nu Tropic is a Strasbourg based duo of musicians / producers, which contributes an exclusive track to this compilation. Deeply influenced by the German nu-jazz scene but also firmly dedicated to the great bossa masters, Nu Tropic consists of Luc Tharin, DJ/producer rooted in hip-hop who is in charge of the beats, and Jazzamar, flute player and famous brazilian music collector (check his Brasil Jazz Pulsation1 compilation), who takes care of the arrangements as well as the bossa inspirations. Their first 12”-Hybrid Tempoz EP- out on their former label FTP received great support from worldwide jazz & related DJs. For their second 12”, the mind-blowing Mental Appetizer, they signed to Comet; the release was a huge success and showcased what Nu Tropic’s first album should sound like. The name Wagon Cookin’ comes from a genuine railway wagon which once ran on the great Trans-Europe-Express at the beginning of the century is now situated in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, near Madrid. Javi and Luis, the two brothers who record as Wagon Cookin’, have been as they say cookin’ up music together since they were kids. Both are extradordinarily gifted musicians of known prestige that are searching for that special and differentiating sound that has made them a consolidated group within the circle of international nu jazz. In their studio, in Madrid, they work with other musicians with the intention to prepare, or as they prefer to say, to cook only the finest dishes. Most tracks Wagon Cookin’ have so far produced were collaborations with studio musicians and the finished result has the depth and the feelings associated with a live, working band. The track “Lua” is an exclusive contribution to this compilation.

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