Garsaaidi – Frank Zaffa

Artist: Garsaaidi
Title: Frank Zaffa (Lascelles Mix) / Frank Zaffa (Florian Keller Remix) / Frank Zaffa (Sequel’s 131 Mix) / Frank Zaffa (Sequel’s 131 Dream Mix)
Cat No: CPT 110-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: However, that will grab dancers with their very bouncing breakbeats. The first one in particular, ‘Frank Zaffa’, will run and run and, no doubt, feature on more than one chill-out compilation album and would one day have been called a Balearic classic. Music Week

Info: After several years, this hidden treasure now gets a re-release including some top-class remixes by Sequel and Florian Keller. The original is still highly in demand and a ‘tune’, which fits perfectly to all recent styles: in fact it’s a timeless classic. It first appeared on the Future Sound Of Jazz Vol.3 compilation.

Garsaaidi / Lascelles Mix: An expert percussionist, keyboard player, flautist and specialist in Egyptian and other North African and Middle Eastern music, Garsaaidi is the integral part of the Egyptian dance music scene- whether authentic or club oriented. Having toured with Natacha Atlas (Transglobal Underground), Hossam Ramzy and Brian Transeux; he is much in demand for sessions and gigs for TV, radio and film, and regularly accompanies dancers for workshops and shows. In his Faaahi Groove EP, which was released on the Orange Egg label, he lays down percussion streams, haunting laments from a ‘nay’ (an Egyptian reed flute), and sympathetic keys, which combine to form an inspirational collection of atmospherics which are then magically mixed by Orange Egg’s Lascelles.

Florian Keller Remix: The remix comes along with a more offbeat driven drum pattern and rougher more analogue sounding melodies. Good stuff! The remix was produced with the help of Paul Beller (Force & Paul) in his Ben Mono studios. Since 1988 Florian Keller is on tour as DJ and he has already played in many major cities such as London, Vienna, Kiev, Berlin or San Fransisco. Florian Keller is also Resident DJ at Munich’s long-running club night Into Somethin’ since the very beginning in 1991. Together with Michael Reinboth and Theo Thönnessen he established one of Europe’s finest regular Freestyle events. Florian’s musical style is based on his great passion for Funk and Jazz music, whether it’s from the past, the present or the ‘future’.

Sequel’s 131 Mix & Sequel’s Dream Mix: The 131 Mix is a superb re-interpretation of the original. The production is very tight; all parts fit perfectly together and result in a very homogenous sounding offbeat track. The Dream remix is straighter, House style, but nonetheless of the same high quality. The question here is not which one’s better but which one fits better in your set.Sequel are two Zurich based producers & dj‘s consisting of Gianni Siravo and Roberto Santo. In 1998 the two gave a dat to Alex Dallas and so they joined the Straight Ahead bunch. Sequel try to fuse all their influences from Detroit to electro to sensual house and soul in their productions. They just released another 12“ on Hidden Agenda‘s Zest label. Watch out for the album coming out on Straight Ahead Recordings in autumn 2002.

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