Minus 8 – Theia

Artist: Minus 8
Title: Theia / A Conche Cor de Rosa / Theia (James Hardway Remix)
Cat No: CPT 109-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: One of the most prolific producers in the jazz field, yet always underrated, is Switzerland’s Robert Jan Meyer…An incredible diverse album…’Snowblind’ a cut which Peterson, Trüby and Kruder will no doubt be hammering for a long time to come. Straight No Chaser / the instrumentation is crisp, precise and evocative. ‘Elysian Fields’…approaches the sweet, devilish charms of chocolate. Tasty stuff. Jockey Slut / In fact, every track is a winner, with all manner of rhythms and quality musicianship running throughout. Needless to say, it’s gonna be at the front of my collection for a long while. 7 Magazine

Info: This is a teaser 12” to Minus 8’s forthcoming new album “Minuit” – his fourth longplayer, not counting his soundtrack for the film „Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man“ (2001), and his second longplayer for the well-known Munich Label Compost Records. The last year was very successful for Minus 8: Remixes for „Indigo Blues” by F-Com’s newcomer star Llorca, also mixes for Geb.EL and BNX. Then USA’s finest hardware company Apple chose his track „Snowblind“ for their G4-Powerbook TV spot. Director Lars Kraume chose him – after several months of headhunting – to compose the soundtrack for the film „Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man“ (feat. Goetz Goerge, Maria Schrader, Alexander Scherr). The film is now available on VHS and DVD. And finally Minus 8 won the Ericsson Swiss Dance Music Award in the category „Best Producer“. This 12” features 2 tracks of the new album and one remix of “Theia” by James Hardway. The track „Theia“ is house-influenced, keeping it real with an 80s style Chicago-House piano lick. „A Concha Cor De Rosa“ is a 174-bpm Latin Drum & Bass track, heavily influenced by Patife & Marky and John B. The “Theia” remix by James Hardway is a wonderful House-Mix including those jazzy and warm moves ’n licks in best-known Hardway quality. He recently released a new album called “Straight From The Fridge” on Hydrogen Jukebox.

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