Koop – Bright Nights Remixes

Artist: Koop
Title: Bright Nights (Rima Techno Chimp Dub Mix) / Bright Nights (Rima Fusion Mix) / Bright Nights
Cat No: JCR 029-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Already a cult item among the jazz dance underground, their second album is a delight! The Observer / Waltz for Koop’ is something special and unprecedented: a jazz-meets-electronic-dance-music album that actually sounds like jazz. The Independent / Waltz for Koop’ is a lovely, summery record…utterly carefree and pretty throughout. The Independent on Sunday / Near-perfect! Muzik / a wonderful though hopelessly romantic record. Mixmag

Info: “Bright Nights” is the second single release of Koop’s wonderful album “Waltz For Koop”. After “Summer Sun”, “Bright Nights” is another track graced by the no fuss-vocals of Yukimi Nagano. The original version sounds like a soundtrack to those frail, still moments in the wee small hours of morning. Brushes merely whisper the drum-pattern and a hesitant vibes+voice-melody repeats until it succumbs to sleep. It’s pure pleasure listening to this track. Rima aka Domu and Volcov from Archive Records did two remixes of “Bright Nights”. Aimed for the dancefloor, these mixes are a lot more beat driven than the dreamful original version. The first mix does it all tech-style pretty much in the direction you might think of when you read the remix name “Techno chimp dub mix”, and the second one is based on some crisp broken beats. Domu recently released his highly acclaimed debut album “Up & Down” on Archive Records. Volcov is the label manager of Archive and Neroli. So far he had several releases together with Paradox as well as some solo releases. Together as Rima they did great remixes for Vikter Duplaix’s track ‘Manhood’ and for the recent Nutmeg 12”. Rima are about to release 12inches on Dego’s 2000 Black Records, on Papa and on COOP. In 2003 Koop won a Swedish Grammy – best dance/club album. So they have won both the official Grammy and the alternative/underground Grammy.

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