Jazzanova – Soon

Artist: Jazzanova
Title: Soon / Soon (Domu Vocal Mix) / Soon (Domu Ill Dub) / Soon (A Touch Of Jazz Mix) / Soon (P Smoovah Mix)
Cat No: JCR 028-1 / JCR 028-2
Format: 12″ / CD

Quotes: In Between represents a new way to configure the dance music album. XLR8R Magazine / With In Between, the Berliners have taken every cliche about the nu-jazz sound (Latin Percussion, “broken” beats, etc) and turned them upside down. Alternative Press / deceptively organic and wholly inventive. Wired Magazine / In Between unfolds in unexpected ways. New York Times

Info: Jazzanova are back or let’s say they were never gone. Their 12 Inch “That Night” and “Days to come” brought them back on the dancefloors around the world. Their collection of remixes “Jazzanova Remixes 1997-2000″ has already proved that there is more to dance-music than just bass and four-to-the-floor beats. “Soon” the first Single from their debut-album “In Between” is the first single release from their debut album “In Between” that will hit the stores on the 29th of April 2002. Beside the original mix you will find several remixes done by the likes of Jazzy Jeff and Domu. This first Jazzanova single shows that Jazzanova have not only mastered the art of beats but also know how to work with full-fledged song structuring and vocalists. So this is how Jazzanova sounds when the beats get slower. Vikter Duplaix’s crooner vocals are highlighted by a hybrid-bossa with a soulfull electro feeling. For those who don’t know Vikter Duplaix; he just released a DJ-Kicks album on K7! Records and has dropped 12 Inch’s on Groove Attack Records and as “Critical Point” on Master at Work records. The Jazzanova single “Soon” will be accompanied by a video-clip. The clip was directed by none other than Jutojo (yes, these are also the designers of the beautiful Jazzanova Album packaging) and Michael Dörffler.

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