Victor Davies – Sound Of The Samba (MAW Remix)

Artist: Victor Davies
Title: Sound Of The Samba (MAW Remix) / Sound Of The Samba (Guitar Intro Full Version) / Sound Of The Samba (MAW Instrumental) / Sound Of The Samba (Bonus Beats Fast) / Sound Of The Samba (Acapella)
Cat No: JCR 024-1
Format: 2-12″

Quotes: On a sweltering summer day the Latin percussion and consummate guitar work would have even the most grim northerner admitting a passing association with someone from ‘down south’… Update Magazine / an exquisite slice of summery acoustic soul…’Lady Luck’ confirms Victor Davies as a true talent. Echoes Magazine / All very cool and jazzy and trendy as f**k Mixmag Magazine / a rising star in Latin Jazz circles  Hitlist Magazine

Info: The music of Victor Davies comprises a multi-coloured patchwork of Latin jazz, folk and heartfelt soul all gelled together with a complete understanding of great song-writing. Born in London’s East End, Victor was signed to his first major publishing deal in the early 90′s on his song-writing ability alone but he quickly found the pressure from his publishers to make commercial dance music was not a direction he wanted to follow. As a result of a chance listening of some of Victor’s acoustic demos by Mike Slocombe (People Records) ‘Runaway Train’ was released on a People sampler. This acoustic ballad utilising Victor’s unique guitar style and soothing vocals immediately created widespread interest in the singer/songwriter who appeared to have come from nowhere. At the same time it was being talked about as a cult classic. Now Victor Davies’ debut album is available and it surely was one of the highlights of the non-dance albums in 2001. We chose Masters At Work (Kenny Dope & Little Louie Vega) for remixing this song, because they both are fans of Victor’s music and his voice, and nobody like MAW can play with such beautiful vocals and songs in a big way. They improved their production skills here once more.

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