Jazzanova – Days To Come / That Night

Artist: Jazzanova
Title: That Night with Vikter Duplaix / Days To Come
Cat No: JCR 023-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: …One of the best fusions of all the disparate elements of club music yet. Ben Wilcox in Straight No Chaser / … they light a musical tinderbox  The Face / a very fertile musical world  Time Out New York

Info: Yes, the rumour is true. Jazzanova has broken up. This could be the last record. Ok just joking. It’s been a while since the Jazzanova track “Caravelle” hit the dance floor or “Introspection” enchanted your bedroom. This new Jazzanova 12″ might surprise you. Both tracks are undoubtedly made for the dance floor. “That Night” features the vocal artistry of Vikter Duplaix, one of the many players of the Philadelphia story…. goose bumps. The second track “Days To Come” really proves that Jazzanova have been on the road for the last year. So, you always thought that Jazzanova was about the latin hustle and the brazil shuffle. This track definitely proves that Jazzanova is just about good dance music no matter what influence. Welcome to Detroit, observed through the eyes of Jazzanova. Try loungin’ to this.

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