Fauna Flash – The Vienna Mixes

Artist: Fauna Flash
Title: Tel Aviv (Peter Kruder’s Bum Rush The Discoteque Remix) / Question (Stereotyp’s Booty Call Remix)
Cat No: CPT 098-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Ultimately, they’ve succeeded where many others have failed, resulting in a varied album that in places stops you in your tracks. Jockey Slut

Info: The first Fauna Flash Remix 12“ of their recent album “Fusion” takes us all the way down to Vienna. First Fauna friend and partner Peter Kruder picked the track „Tel Aviv“ for individual rework. Peter Kruder who already worked with the Fauna boys under the name of Voom : Voom (so far they released two 12“ on Compost) takes „Tel Aviv“ on a funky like hell disco electro stomper trip. The beats might start rather familiar but as soon as this distinctive distorted sound comes into the track you’ll know the score. Peter does it 80’s likewise. Forget everything else, this sound rules – now. Stereotyp who acclaimed big respect in the dance underground scene for his recent releases on G-Stone Records did a great remix of the Fauna track “Question”. With their very own downbeat style, which is deeply influenced by darker Detroit-like sounds, Stereotyp understand like hardly any other producer at the moment to create this very tense atmosphere and combine it with pure groovyness. His remix for the Faunas has all these qualities – it’s something truly special, not to be missed. Watch out for a complete Fauna Flash Remix album called “Confusion” feat. remixes by Dixon, Stephane Attias, dZihan & Kamien a.o., which will be out soon. Fauna Flash’s recent remix business includes mixes for Hidden Agenda’s track “Low Jazz Fidget” out on Straight Ahead, then for Hajime Yoshizawa and the track “Endless Bow” out on Japan’s Especial Records, for Passport and the track “Ju Ju Man” out on Warner Records and finally for Wei-Chi’s track “Don’t Know”, out now on Pigeon Records. Furthermore the Faunas contributed an exclusive track called “Coast To Coast” to the latest “Freezone Vol.7” compilation, out on SSR Records, Belgium. The Trüby Trio recently did remixes for Bebel Gilberto’s track “Sem Conteceao” out on Crammed Disc, then for Kazufumi Myazawa’s track “Tango For Evita And Che Gevara” out on Warner Japan, also for Passport and the track “Fairy Tale”, out on Warner Records, and finally a remix for their own contribution “High Jazz” to the Trüby Trio DJ-Kicks Mix CD. The remix called “High Jazz VIP” will be out soon on Compost Records.

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