Glücklich 4 Taster

Artist: V.A.
Title: Alegre (Trüby Trio) / Heaven (Wei-Chi) / Procurando O Caminho (Coisa Nossa feat. Salome de Bahia)
Cat No: CPT 083-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Excellent. Just when you thought the Latin-dance explosion was getting tired, this comp reminds you why it got so big in the first place. Alternative Press / Truby has always been more of a vigilantly tasteful and elegant curator than anything else. That’s what allows Glucklich to conistently flirt with samba and bossa nova as well as house and breaks, and never veer into kitsch. Philadelphia Weekly

Info: 1. Trüby Trio: After their great exclusive track “Prima Vera” for the Glücklich III compilation, another exclusive by the Trüby Trio for this one. The Trüby Trio are Christian Prommer, Roland Appel, who also work together under the name Fauna Flash, and Rainer Trüby. This time their track is a very groovy and sunny Brazilian influenced house number that swings and definitely will  cause trouble on the dancefloor.

2. Wei Chi: Wei Chi is Raoul Walton. This is his first new track after his appearance on the Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol.6 compilation. Raoul was born in New York, Manhattan, and played with everybody in the Jazz and Fusion scene over there in the mid-Eighties. Just to mention a few: Michael Urbaniak, Sam Rivers, Dom Um Romao and Kenny Kirkland. In fact – for 20 years now – Raoul has been working as a well-trained and full- professional bass-player from e-bass, slap to setar. Not only in the Jazz field has he recorded dozens of sessions and live-gigs with Doug Wimbish, Keith Le Blanc (Fats Comet Cru, Sugarhill Gang) and others. During the last two years he spent some time in Munich, doing Jazz and Free-jazz sessions, recording and playing both studio and live-gigs with Fauna Flash. You can also hear his style on some Trüby Trio tracks.

3. Coisa Nossa feat. Salome De Bahia: Coisa Nossa is a Latin American school project, based in Munich. The track which features Salome De Bahia, was only available on 7” vinyl in a very limited edition. This is the first time the track will be released on CD. Salome De Bahia is a very well-known and highly regarded singer, who also appeared on the Bob Sinclair house hit “Outro Lugar” (Another Star) on Yellow Recordings, France.

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