Trüby Trio – A Go Go Remixes

Artist: Trüby Trio
Title: Carajillo (Jazzanova Remix) / A Go Go (DJ Muro Remix) / A Go Go (Boozoo Bajou Mix)
Cat No: CPT 082-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: ’Carajillo is a freeform Afro-beat affair, but it’s ‘A Go Go’ that you’ll be hearing – a jazzy, upbeat dancefloor groover. Muzik / …it flaunts tribal chants and jazzy grooves that slither down your spine and transform you into a groovin’ love machine. Oh yeah. Jockey Slut / Embracing elements of music past and present seems to come as second nature to there three Germans who once again provide fluid and funky jazz for boppers. “A Go Go” is a classic, uptempo sample-led fusion of Latin percussion and ‘60’s R’n’B grooves; this track will never fail to rock the dance. Straight No Chaser

Info: This E.P. kicks off with another superb remix from the guys of Jazzanova. The Berlin-based crew, who has delivered plenty of remixes with an almost unbelievable constant high quality in the past years, turns the track “Carajillo” upside down, adds extra flavour, and gives it the so beloved Jazzanova-twist. Watch out for a Jazzanova Remix album including all mixes between 1997 and 2000, coming soon on Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR). The first “A Go Go” remix is by DJ Muro, one of Japan’s most popular and well-respected Hip Hop Producer / DJ’s. In the past DJ Muro worked with several highly regarded U.S. Hip Hop musicians as e.g. Lord Finesse, A.G.. He also did a great remix for U.F.O, where he stepped into the fields of latin hip hop. His mix for the Trüby Trio is an up-speed version using the right samples to kick it. DJ Muro just released a longplayer called “Pan Rhythm: Flight No. 11154” on Savage! Records. The second remix of “A Go Go” is by Boozoo Bajou from the Stereo Deluxe Label, who already did some great remixes in the past, as e.g. for the Tosca track “Chocolat Elvis” and who reached international fame with their track “Night Over Manaus” (on the Glücklich III comp.). The two members of Boozoo Bajou are the sound scientists Peter Heider and DJ Florian Seyberth from Nürnberg, Germany. Their remix turns the original into a smooth and dubby downbeat version, perfect for some chillin’ moments, and you may think ‘this comes directly outta Vienna’. At the moment Boozoo Bajou are finishing their debut-album, and there is a new track in the pipeline called “Divers”, which will be out soon on a 12” together with their friends from Lead The Bass. The Trüby Trio remix of “Food For Thought” by Kim Sanders made it to the pole position in the German Club Charts in week 9. They just gave a special treatment to “No Melody “ by Turntable Rockers (aka Hausmarke and Thomilla of Fantastische 4). This will be out later this year on Four Music. The Trio is currently in the studio mixing the new DJ Kicks Mix CD for Studio K7. The CD will be out this summer, and of course it will come with a new exclusive track by them called “High Jazz” feat. Joseph Malik.

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