Beanfield – The Season – Attica Blues Remixes

Artist: Beanfield
Title: The Season – Attica Blues Remixes
Cat No: CPT 067-1
Format: 12″


Info: Beanfield are Jan Krause, Tobias Meggle and Compost-head Michael Reinboth (for any further details please check Beanfield’s full length biography or Compost-homepage!) „The Season“ is an outstanding deep vocal tune, one of the favourite tunes of the world wide family at the moment. The vocalist is Bajka, a young Spoken Word Poetry-singer, who lives part-time in Munich. At the moment she is studying music in Prague. Bajka was born in (sic!) the Taj Mahal and grew up in Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and on a catamaran in South Africa. Her birth in the Taj Mahal was being filmed and was made public through TV (movie “Embryo’s Vagabunden Karawane”). During her stay in Asia she learned to love the Indian-Oriental music. Together with the music commune Embryo (her father is the Embryo founder) she has been travelling around the world ever since. She spent her childhood with dissidents of Karnataka College Of Percussion, Charlie Mariano, and Mal Waldron. She went to school in Goa, Bangalore, Lagos, Portugal, Seattle (USA), Durban and Capetown. Her special relationship with Asia was and still is the main theme of her poetry. She has sung previous Spoken Word Poetry on following projects: “Instinctive Traveller”, Transglogal Underground, “Bubblegum” for South African Zulu Nation, for Noujum Oazza and his band Urban Dervish and for Royal Moroccan Orchestra.

Attica Blues is one of the strongest names in remix-biz and their “Blueprint” on MoWax is still a classic. They always dig deep into the musical side of a track, keeping it soulful, rhythmically off-beat, downbeat or midtempo, but always with the production skills of top US-hiphop-mindz. Anyway, they have made dozens of brilliant remixes in their unique style (for example: N’dea Davenport, Courtney Pine, Earth Bound, Pressure Drop and many others).

“Catalpa” is a tree – with blossoms like trumpets. Unbelievably bizarre and beautiful! Percussion-madness in a drum & bass production style. Ian Simmonds, best-known as a member of the legendary band The Sandals and of his great futuristic solo-album on K7. He just finished a remix for Peter Kruder’s Peace Orchestra.

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