NuSpirit Helsinki – Montana Roha Jazz EP

Artist: NuSpirit Helsinki
Title: Love Bossa feat. Eero Koivistoinen / Orson / Seis Por Ocho
Cat No: JCR 010-1
Format: 12″


Info: Nuspirit Helsinki (aka. Nu Sound Collective Helsinki) is a Helsinki based collective of DJ’s, producers and live musicians. The group consists of the core group of five plus numerous musicians living in Helsinki. Thomas K and Ender founded Nuspirit in 1998. Dj Lil’ Tony and keyboard player, Kasio joined the group in the end of the same year. The fifth member of the core group, Eppu joined the team in late 1999. The collective’s musical influences are mainly various kind of black music (jazz/soul/funk) as well as Latin / African flavors. Nuspirit’s goal is to fuse live instrumentation and a wide variety of musical styles to create rich sounds – which can be enjoyed both at home and on the dance floor. Regarding musicians, visitors and musical flavors, the idea is to be as open-minded as possible. The ultimate musical mission for Nuspirit is to combine fresh ways of producing music with highly skilled live instrumentation and provide real songs to the listeners. Nuspirit Helsinki has released four singles on US-based Guidance Recordings, one track on Ubiquity Recordings’ New Latinaires-series and one on Guidance’s Mundial Muzique-compilation. The group is going to release a full-length album on Guidance in the beginning of 2001. Montana Roha Jazz EP is featuring some of the Finnish top jazz musicians, including legendary sax-player, Eero Koivistoinen (best known for his work in 60ies-70ies, for example on Love-records) and highly acclaimed young drummer Teppo Mäkynen.

The A1 track “Orson” includes a cinematic string arrangement made by Tomi Malm who is mostly involved in composing film scores. Beat of the track is performed totally live by the two masters of rhythm: drummer Teppo Mäkynen with his set of drums and Ethiopian percussion wizard Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa playing bongos. These elements supported by Kasio’s tasteful Rhodes, an acoustic bass riff and a fat sub bass line make the track is a timeless classic providing nu-school jazz vibes never heard before. On the flip side the B1 track “Seis Por Ocho” is an exploration of 6/8 beats and Latin influenced horn arrangements. Again the beat is based on the phenomenal work of live drums and percussion provided by Teppo Mäkynen and Mamba. The horn section featuring Jukka Eskola on fluegelhorn, Aleksi Ahoniemi on sax and Jay Kortehisto on trombone is flavored with the high voice of the young Cuban vocalist, Erick Jon. Seis Por Ocho has also a groovy live acoustic bass line performed by Anssi Växby. The third track on the release B2 features one of the best known Finnish jazz musicians, sax-player Eero Koivistoinen. The track has a brazilian-inspired bossa groove with drums, percussion, acoustic bass, guitar and hammonds that offer the background for touching jazz sax sounds that can be created only with more than 40 years experience of playing the instrument.

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