Beanfield – Human Patterns

Artist: Beanfield
Title: Human Patterns
Cat No: CPT 062-1 / CPT 062-2
Format: 2-LP / CD / Download

Quotes: Munich’s Compost score again with this ace funker from head honcho Michael Reinboth. Mixmag / another excellent crew, the funkronautical engineers of Munich’s Compost Records. Magnet / a smooth and seductive sound that is totally uniquely Beanfield. Lotus / stunning liquid techno – full of heavily syncopated funk, fat-ass synths and skipping beats. Mixmag

Info: Enchanting Signs of a big buzz! Beanfield is back in a apocalyptic mode! This is Beanfield’s second album and it’s a bit different to what they have done before. ”Human Patterns” is complex without being difficult and Breakbeat and Jazz in a noodlefree way! It’s crystal and cocaine! Tipped for the top by the ones like Jazzanova, Gilles Peterson, Gilb-R, Alex Attias, Rainer Trüby, Michael Rütten, Pete Herbert, Tomoji Kitaura or Mitsuru of DMR Japan, Yellow Productions, Tyler Askew, Kruder & Dorfmeister and many others, who have heard it already. Beanfield-guys have been trying even more intensively to reach a homogeneous combination of digital and classically analogue chances for co-operation. The more you concentrate on sounds and variable rhythm structures, the more you go away from Electro or the kind of equipment that can never really be groovy, deep or funky. Beanfield wanted to create an organic album, which has actually been “programmed”. Beanfield stands up for more musicality. They still care for nowadays almost old fashioned categories such as beauty, arrangement, classical structures or warmth. They do not regard for example Stevie Wonder, Joe Claussell, King Britt (Sylk 130) or I.G. Culture as boring people. Sounds and gear that creates sounds can be found everywhere, on the road, in clubs, in supermarkets. But beauty within melancholy has to be sought and warmth has to be struggled for.

”Human Patterns” includes more detailed sounds and structures and the care they are arranged with, are much more fascinating than the obviously weird and bulky. 90 % of Beanfield’s beats have been programmed. But in spite of their technical foundation they were not intended to sound clinical, sterile or even anti-septic. With less, but therefore much more consciously deployed elements they make the essential get going and leave enough room for details, little electronic and organic dots and variations – for the entire space situated around the grooving centre. Modal harmonic structures try to avoid common clichés. In this aspect Beanfield totally succeeded all over the eleven tracks. The album was completed in the studio within eight months. Sounds and grooves were changed, cut, dropped, newly arranged, tested and played again and again.

Beanfield combine experience, handicraft and stock-taking with up-front music. Certainly their sound contains all aspects of the turning century, which were important for the three persons involved, or – to say it more personally – all the things that touched their deeper inside: HipHop, funkiness, Soul, Fusion, Breakbeat, Electro and Jazz. ”Human Patterns” surely is no classical album in the tradition of their idols, which is supposed to come up to all the different styles. It rather is a transcendental version of that, yet without getting entangled in an ethnical- or sci-fi-madness. It joins the ”Human Patterns” – the human remains of these genres – together in a new way. Yesterday’s music meets the sounds of tomorrow. Beanfield for “Human Patterns” are Jan Krause, Tobias Meggle and Compost-head Michael Reinboth. In principle the tracks are created during a long process of their co-operation. While making music, at first they have to search for the samples. Then they cut them into small bits and pieces, play with them until it sounds interesting and lay rhythm parts under these first signs. Thus the basis for the tracks is formed in protracted spade-work. Certainly this process is interrupted by jam-sessions and little changes every now and then, which turn the raw material into homogeneous tracks. Jan Krause does the whole engineering in his studio, moreover most of the bass-lines are his doing (among other things also with the Poets Of Rhythm and Syrup, one of their descendants, who are going to release an album and a maxi-single on Compost). Besides Beanfield, Jan Krause also produces Syrup (last maxi ”Sweat Shop” on Compost), Bassline Members (together with DJ Linus) and together with Michael Reinboth the project Moon Machine (Compose Records). Tobias Meggle provides the harmonic passages and plays the keyboards (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Juno). But actually there is no strict separation, everybody deals with almost everything. In between they discuss a lot, listen to this and that, drop several passages and take them up again. ”Unfazed Mermaid”, the album of Tobias Meggle’s solo project Homegrown, has recently been released on Mole Listening Pearls.

Note: Today – due to the many activities of Reinboth and Meggle – Beanfield mainly consists of Jan Krause and acclaimed DJ and musician Michael Mettke, creating crazy music in best Beanfield tradition.

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