V.A. – Brazil Selection

Artist: V.A.
Title: Brazil Selection
Cat No: CPT 056-1
Format: 12″


Info: After having plunged into the depths of the diasporic Brazilian soul made in Germany, the “Glücklich”- compilation series has moved on to present Brazilian fused music from a new generation of artists alongside that of their idols. The re-definition of the Brazilian feeling through urban club-culture has taken many different forms, always seeking to catch that special spirit. This third compilation in the series strives to portray the transformation of this spirit from a musical style and national culture to an international movement.
Rainer Trüby’s
abilities to perceive this feeling and to wander on this essential musical path have made him one of the most important educators on the scene. His seemingly endless knowledge of musical history combined with his vinyl addiction have made him an unbelievable source of inspiration and information for us and many others. We believe the following presentation of new Brazilian fused music compiled by Rainer Trüby will find many open ears – enjoy:
This 12”, taken from V.A. “Glücklich”-Vol. III, starts with a real club-classic “Ye Mele” (Luiz Carlos Vinhas) interpreted by Brazil Selection. Covered by many artists – including Sergio Mendes – this particular version is an obscure recording for connoisseurs and one of the most finest interpretations of this brazil-standard yet.
The track on the B-side comes from Mr. Glücklich himself and of course his lovely trio. This track is not on the LP, on CD! The blossomy track “Prima Vera” from the designated Trüby Trio embraces the listener with a vibrant warmth and percussion madness. Rainer told us that the track is dedicated to Vera, the mother of Christian, a member of the trio.  Prima! We are sure that this selection will make listeners and dancers alike “glücklich”(=happy, lucky).

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