Classen Collective – Close To Greatness

Artist: Classen Collective
Title: Close To Greatness (Deep Joy Mix) / Close To Greatness (Original Mix) / Close To Greatness (Who Took Away The Funk Mix)
Cat No: JCR 009-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: … an excursion in some exquisitely deep dancefloor jazz funking. DJ Mag / This is just pure laid-back sex on a groove. Tight, breathy vocals float over a mid-pace workout, banged-out with progressive afro-beats – one to get the hormones rising for those chilled-out hot summer nites. Fluid / Blissful. Echoes

Info: Classen Collective is the fruit bearing union of Uschi Classen’s skills as a composer with Tonny Svensson’s creative output as a DJ and producer. Uschi Classen, head of the Collective, has been involved in a multitude of influential projects during her career. The talented composer has been working together with the well-respected Ballistic Brothers and the Black Science Orchestra, where she picked up Mark Woolford as engineer and mixer for Classen Collective. Moreover highly reputed acts such as Ashley Beedle, Maria Nayler or Andrea Parker made use of her impressive writing skills. Even Channel 4 commissioned her with the soundtrack for ”High 5”, an extreme sports programme.

Besides the ambitious support as a composer and performer she has given to several artists a number of interesting remix versions rank among her projects. When doing the remixes she didn’t shrink from a musical diversity that covers a wide range from British Indie Rock to Black Music and R ’n B. So a series of totally different acts left their songs to Uschi Classen, among them Innercity, British teenie idols East 17, Terence Trent D’Arby, Urban Species, the Manic Street Preachers, Olive, Freakpower, Gabrielle or Jodeci. Together with respected Danish DJ and producer Tonny Svensson and Mark Woolford, member of the Ballistic Brothers and the Black Science Orchestra she founded the Jazz-Funk oriented Classen Collective, whose uplifting track ”Close To Greatness” has successfully been tested on the dance floors of numerous clubs by London based DJs such as Gilles Peterson, Ross Allen and Ashley Beedle.

Like Uschi, Tonny –as well- can fall back on a large spectre of musical experience. With his different projects he has been pursuing various styles: from conventional House to the driving vibes of Big Beat and Electro. Especially the innovative sounds of Gada-Gong, a project he had formed together with producer friend Kenneth Christensen, turned out as refreshing experiments on the various compilations where they has appeared. Besides two other projects, Skyline and Universal Funk, the Classen Collective can be regarded as one of his successful escapades into the fields of Jazz, House and Funk. And it is going to be continued: Uschi Classen, Marc Woolford and Tonny Svensson are working on a follow up to ”Close To Greatness”.

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