Fueled For The Future

Artist: V.A.
Title: Fueled For The Future
Cat No: CPT 121-2
Format: 5-CD Box


Info: What you get here is beautiful music from three top labels, which are on the worlds´ peak of deep club music. Compost, Jazzanova-Compost and label colleagues of Sonar Kollektiv have selected 69 partly unreleased and futuristic tracks mixed by five international DJs with the modest aim of refuelling your audio senses. Whereas each FFF Volume had been released separately in Japan, this is the first time; people can get ahold of all five albums in a beautiful limited edition boxset.

Fueled For The Future has all trademarks of a Compost outcome:

A cunning amalgamation of Electro, Sci-Fi, Black Music, Jazz and Brazilian influences as well as Hip Hop structures juxtapose digital and analogue spheres on five discs. There is no chance of utopia coz you´re fueled for the future with this assortment of urban sophisticated tracks, which definitely have their stake in the future!

Fueled For The Future Volume 1,  DJ-mixed by Kyoto Jazz Massive :

01.  Les Gammas – Whenever

02. Anthony Nicholson – Voodoo Jazz Rapture

03. Minus 8 – Neverland

04. Pathless – Forcast

05. Jazzanova – Fedime`s Flight

06. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Eclipse

07. Trüby Trio – Carajillo

08. Meitz – Africa

09. Classen Collective – Close To Greatness (Original Mix)

10. Beanfield – The Season (Swag`s Vocal Mix)

11. Syrup – Strawberry (Les Gammas Mix)

12. Les Gammas – Don´t Waste My Love

Named by Gilles Peterson, the brothers Shuya and Yoshihiro Okino are Kyoto Jazz Massive. Both started off in the late 80`s Kyoto DJ scene having been influenced like many other Jazz DJs by London-based Rare Groove Movement. The older brother Shuya later moved to Tokyo and managed Monday Michiru and Mondo Grosso. His commitment to support Tokyo´s Jazz scene as director and resident DJ for “THE ROOM” is well-known. Currently he is involved in many projects and his career varies to wide extent, including the most recent project as a publisher for his billingual future-jazz free paper magazine called “QUALITY!” which is now distributed worldwide. Yoshihiro also dedicates his time and effort to support the Jazz scene in Osaka and has booked many DJs including Patrick Forge, Rainer Trüby, Victor Davies and many more to his popular regular event “COOL TO KOOL” in Kyoto and “FREEDOM TIME” in Osaka. Yoshi´s serious record collection and his knowledge of Jazz, Soul and Brazilian led to the opening of famous and well distinct store and record label, Especial Records. The sound of Kyoto Jazz Massive is often associated with Jazz Fusion. They were certainly influenced by Japanese Jazz musicians, particularly by the ones having been successful in the 70s and 80s. For Fueled For The Future, the boys have stuck to their concept, so this album has become a future blend of Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin and House. The image of Jazz is too overpowering at times where people often picture piano, wood-base, saxophone, drums …however, it is in the spirit of Jazz where Kyoto Jazz Massive finds freedom, fascinated by New Jazz´s progression and they want you to share their freedom of fusion, collaboration and experimental vibes they´ve used for creating this spacious mix album. Also check out Kyoto`s latest release, “Spirit Of The Sun” which had been released October 2002 on Compost. Sparkling skunky Latin House which has been highly praised by press and listeners.

Fueled For The Future Volume 2, DJ-mixed by Michael Reinboth and Dirk Rumpff

01. The Amalgation Of Soundz – Phuture Soundz

02. RAS – Exit Routine (Intega Mix)

03. A Forest Mighty Black – Everything (Beanfield Remix)

04. Beanfield – Close The Gap

05. Les Gammas – Love Ultd. (Capries Remix)

06. Beanfield – Close The Gap

07. Classen Collective Feat. Corinna Joseph – New Born

08. Fauna Flash – Ten

09. Trüby Trio – Carajillo (Jazzanova Chant For Leo Remix)

10. Beanfield – The Season (Attica Blues Charlie Dark Mix)

11. Voom:Voom – Poppen

12. Forum – Blowing Notes (Intega Remix)

13. Native Force – Music Box

14. Minus 8 – Badman & Throbin (Gabor Deutsch Lovely Dub)

15. Native Force – Rain

Michael Reinboth, founder and owner of Compost and Compost-Jazzanova-Records (JCR), is a real workaholic and has been given credit in various fields. His professions and projects range from music journalism and authorship to DJing and artist management. Since the late 1970s, Michael has been digging deep into music, working as a journalist, artist, producer and composer who’s had grand influence on the local and global club scene. With both his labels, Compost and JCR, Michael Reinboth managed to create a well-respected platform for innovative music and grooves that have inspired musicians throughout the world. The most notorious of Michael`s club nights is the legendary “INTO SOMETHIN`” which has taken place at Munich-based Muffathalle Cafè for over 10 years and moved to new venue downtown Funky Kitchen in November 2002. Along with DJ Dirk Rumpff, famous for the Offtrack Radioshow, Michael very much shows off his abilities as full-spectrum DJ on Fueled For The Future Volume 2. Representing a wide range of interesting music including long-time friend Rainer Trüby and several of Rainer’s projects, spherical structures and broken beats. In the words of British Update magazine: “As the head honcho of Compost, Michael must be able to shed some light on where we can expect the scene to take their music and the music their scene.” Michael Reinboth often points out his aim was to entertain the crowd as well as respecting music’s originators by playing both, tracks of the present combined with deep tunes of the past.  Don’t worry; you’re in safe hands and ears with the man having been the first Munich DJ to play Garage House and Rare Groove ever. Beware for Michael and Dirk are going to invade your ears.

Fueled For The Future Volume 3, DJ-mixed by Toshio Matsuura / United Future Organization (UFO)

01. Beanfield – The Great Outside (Dixon AVDC Retouch)

02. Knowtoryus – The Revenge Of The Bomberclad Joint

(Kruder & Dorfmeister Session Pt. 1)

03. Jazzanova – Allee Der Kosmonauten

04. Turntable Terranova – Precipice

05. Extended Spirits – Solid Water

06. Fauna Flash – Blue Lotus

07. Four Ears – World Of Kyoto

08. Procreation – Us Vs. Them

09. Salvador Group – Crag

10. A Forest Mighty Black – Everything (Freakniks Remix)

11. Micatone – Torture

12. Pathless – Goddess

13. Intuit – O Preguicoso

DJs come and go but three-man collective U.F.O. have remained an essential constant in Tokyo`s club scene since their formation in 1990. The trio comprised two Japanese,Tadashi Tabe and Toshio Matsuura, and one Frenchman, Raphael Sebbag, quickly emerged as a leading force on the Tokyo underground club scene with their 1991 debut 12” “I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Jazz)” and “Loud Minority / Moon Dance” in mid-1992, becoming a cult favourite on club circuits ranging from London to Hamburg to New York City. U.F.O. have carefully crafted their sound over the years with a series of releases on England`s leading Acid Jazz label Talkin` Loud, and later for Mercury Music sub-label Brownswood. U.F.O. have contributed to the tastes of Tokyo`s exploding club scene a great deal, and became leading architects of the Shibuya sound in the process. Through weekly residencies at Blue in Aoyama and their monthly “JAZZIN`” parties at Yellow, they have defined not only a sound but also a lifestyle. One that blends a healthy respect for the musical achievements of the past with a new artistic and personal freedom that emerged with the Bubble economy. For the third Fueled For The Future volume, Toshio Matsuura has chosen his most favourite and finest tracks, all very smooth, relaxed and downbeat. Eastern sounds meets piano tunes, Hop Hop beats and Acid Jazz structures. No miracle for the boys have always had a suave urban flair and a shared passion for Funk, R&B, Jazz and Latin. Balm for the soul by the pioneers of Japanese Acid-Jazz sound. An album to kick off your shoes, lean back and chill out in your finest armchair.

Fueled For The Future Volume 4, DJ-mixed by DJ Spinna

01. The Underwolves – Lay Down

02. Trüby Trio – Donaueschingen (Original Version)

03. The Amalgamation Of Soundz – Ten Scroats To A Pound

04. Victor Davies – Lady Luck

05. Lightning Head – Life Is Life

06. Salvador Group – The Moon Is High

07. Koop – Summer Sun (Original Version)

08. Koop – Summer Sun (Marcus Enochson Remix)

09. Jazzanova – Introspection (Calm`s Outerspect Mix)

10. Fauna Flash – Alone Again

11. Yukihiro Fukutomi – Drifting

12. Georg Levin – When I´m With You (Original Version)

13. Daniel Paul – Outta Space (Meitz Remix)

14. Nemo – Darkest Day (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)

15. Worldless People – Won´t Let You Down

16. Meitz – Get On Up (East Berlin Mix)

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, DJ Spinna is one of the most versatile and talented producers/DJs/remixers in today`s musical area. He´s been a purveyor of quality music since the commencement of his production career. He`s launched his own dance music label named WonderWax Music. Over the past seven years, Spinna has established himself as one of the hardest working producers in the industry. He has produced numerous tracks and remixes for notable artists such as Michael Jackson, De La Soul, Mos Def, Zero 7 and many more. DJ Spinna is part of the underground duo JIGMASTAS whose album was released on the Beyond Real Recordings label which he´s also co-owner of. More than fifteen years of DJ experience, his love for collecting records since childhood and due to Spinna`s multidimensional sound, his production credibility has expanded on a world wide level. He has contributed to the success of many European-based artists such as Shirley Bassey, 4 Hero, Attica Blues, Nightmares On Wax or Rae & Christian. Having a deep-rooted and diverse background in music has given Spinna the ability to navigate crowds into frenzies which can also be heard on Fueled For The Future Volume 4 : Hip-Hop, Break Beats, slight R&B, Rare Grooves, Jazz, Disco classics, House and Vintage Garage tunes and a tiny bit of scratching infatuate your acoustic nerves and prove DJ Spinna is one of the most powerful figures in the world of music. DJ Spinna is to release his new album, “Here To There” on the 6th of February.

Fueled For The Future Volume 5, DJ-mixed by Yukihiro Fukutomi

01. Les Gammas – Servus Mr. Bond

02. Beanfield – Corso

03. Joseph Malik – Futuristica

04. Joseph Malik – Futuristica (Grand Unified Vox Mix)

05. Reunion – Eona (Jimpster Remix)

06. Sebo K – Lost (Refound by Intega)

07. Slope – Para Los Pinchas (Sequel Remix)

08. Syrup – Sweat Shop (Bassline Member Remix)

09. Procreation – Feelin`

10. Hill & Funès – Don´t Hesitate (Dixon Recreated Version)

11. Minus 8 – Come Along

12. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Eclipse (Afronaught Nocturnal Dub)

13. Jazzanova – Soon (Domu Vocal Remix)

In the late 80s, the period at the dawn of Japanese domestic Dance / Club music scene, Tokyo native Yukihiro Fukutomi started his career as a DJ at clubs like “Gold”, “Zoo” and “Cave” in Tokyo. At the same time he started working as composer, arranger, programmer and producer. Notably, Fukutomi was also involved in the programming of Pizzicato 5. After presenting his first solo project, a compilation track titled “Tokyo DJs only”, he received recognition as pioneer, creator and innovator of House and Dance music. Being one of the few artists able producing, arranging, composing, programming and remixing in the whole process of music production, he has constantly participated in a number of sessions until now. From 1991 to 1995, he released three solo albums and got high acclaim for each one in various music circles. 1999, his mini album titled “Brasilia 2000 EP” and 12” remix single “Peg” were released and achieved international praise both by press and listeners and extended Yukihiro Fukutomi`s reputation as top artist. He´s been featured in Gilles Peterson`s charts whereas he´d sent in a demo track only and nreceived widespread recognition and respect throughout the international music circuit. nYukihiro Fukutomi has been piled with offers from labels around the world ever since.He`s had a JCR release before, 12” “I am / Music Is The Healer / Drifting” October 2000. On Fueled For The Future Volume 5, you´ll be invited by floaty soundscapes and neo-jazztastic vibes. Groovy rubbery basslines and sunny Jazz overtones come along with dacking snare-rimmed beats. Flutey interludes weaving through a Bossa bass. Dream on dreamers but the future is now.

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