DJ Matsuoka – Excellent Bird

Artist: DJ Matsuoka
Title: Excellent Bird / Piano Objective 3 / The Will Of Life / Utsuho
Cat No: JCR 005-1
Format: 12″


Info: DJ Matsuoka Naruhisa started his career as a DJ in 1987 by playing Jazz, Rare Groove, Soul and Hip Hop in Kobe (the city was destroyed by the earthquake few years ago). Especially he was influenced by Roland Clark and Thelonius Monk. In 1991, just playing records wasn’t enough for him, so DJ Matsuoka formed a Jazz-band called ”Modern Conception”. Besides music, Matsuoka has many other interests, too. In 1994 he formed with other artists a group called ”Counter View”, which aim was to direct the performance of music, art and fashion in clubs, bars and cafes. In 1996 influenced by Plug and Aphex Twin, DJ Matsuoka changed his style from Jazz and HipHop-Beats to more or less Drum&Bass, without loosing his inner jazzy feelings. During a visit in Germany he also picked up some techno-sounds – but it was only the sound- aesthetic he was into! With all this ingredients Matsuoka made the first highly praised Japanese Drum&Bass-CD ”The Structures Of Breaks”, which includes many new styles and jazzy tunes mixed with concrete sounds. DJ Matsuoka’s EP ”The Will Of Life” on Jazzanova-Compost Records is jazzy, funky, cool, musically original and inspired. JCR picked up four of the best tracks, which Matsuoka had recorded for Styling Records and Inner Directs.

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