Force & Paul – Chocolate Bar / Blue Movie

Artist: Force & Paul
Title: Chocolate Bar / Blue Movie / Stars & Rockets (Blue Movie Fauna Flash Rmx)
Cat No: CPT 053-1
Format: 12″ / Download

Quotes: Why can’t everything be this good. Felix / Bossa nova drum and bass! Compost go where no man has gone before – just to have a party! Echoes / This is totally cut-up madness, and I love it – you never know what’s coming at you next. Fluid

Info: After the success of their debut EP ”Breakbeat Mutation” and ”Casablanca”, a well-received contribution to Compost Records’ ”Future Sound Of Jazz V” compilation, the young breakbeat sharpshooters known as Force & Paul are back. While 21 year-old DJ Force grew up on a strict diet of imported Fabio and Grooverider tapes and started playing his favourite tunes at spontaneous DJ stints at Munich’s acclaimed ”Into Somethin’” club nights at the tender age of 16, 23 year-old Paul is an accomplished classical music student and self-taught player of drums, guitar, bass and keyboards. Once again the two Bavarian masters of the broken beats have combined their considerable forces and emerge from the bedroom studio in Paul’s apartment with some groundbreaking new music. Well then. Coming straight from the German Drum & Bass enclave that is Munich, this is it, their new 12”: Chocolate Bar: A mesmerising amalgamation of crunching live basslines, soulful horns and delicate breakdowns, this tasty slice of futuristic funk sees Force and Paul taking their characteristic sound to the next level – effortlessly defying all those who think Drum & Bass has lost its edge. Next up is Blue Movie, the dubplates of which have been causing a storm in German clubs since the track’s conception in late July last year. And no wonder, that is: An eerie sample of veteran German film music composer Peter Thomas (Raumschiff Orion) sets the tone for a ferocious bassline that cuts through the electric fog like nobodies’ business and leaves dead bodies left, right and centre. On the flipside remix, Germany’s Drum & Bass heroes Fauna Flash apply their proven studio wizardry to this thoroughly nasty piece of work, opting for jazzier approach without taking anything away from the track’s explosive and mean character. Go on, give it a try – you’ll be back for more.

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