Beanfield – Beanfield Remix EP 1

Artist: Beanfield
Title: Beanfield Remix EP 1
Cat No: CPT 043-1
Format: 12″


Info: „ELEKTRO-KRAUT“ REMIX EP 1: This first EP features remixes by Ian O’ Brien, Ian Pooley and the DMX Krew. Ian O’Brien, artist on Russ Gabriels cult label Ferox, is a multi-talented musician who has studied music theory and composition. His productions are influenced by famous jazz, soul and fusion musicians like Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and new music heroes like Jeff Mills. He has released several EPs, 12inches, two brilliant electrifying LPs, and besides this brilliant Detroit influenced electro-house remix of „Elektro-Kraut“ he has remixed Hacienda’s „Disco King“ (Harthouse), Lisa Stansfield etc. Ian O’Brien was voted one of the big names to watch out for in 1997 by music-magazines like Muzik, Jockey Slut and Straight No Chaser. Ian Pooley is one of Germany’s most respected DJ’s and producers at the moment. His career started when he teamed up with DJ Tonka and started releasing records on Frankfurt based label Force Inc. Since then he has released on different labels and is famous for his remix work for Dave Angel, Dee-Lite, Ken Ishi, DJ Sneak, Yello, The Beloved, Daft Punk (he was the tour-DJ on Daft Punk’s Germany tour), The Cardigans etc. Ian Pooley gives „Electro Kraut“ his special deep and moody house treatment. Ed DMX from the DMX Krew is one of the last true connoisseurs of real eighties electro music, breakbeat and pure boogie. The DMX Krew’s latest album „Ffresshh“ (Rephlex) proves this best. If you’ve heard it you can imagine what a DMX makeover of a Beanfield track must sound like. Pure electro energy going mad in a very funky way. Ed also has his own label Breakin’ on which he has signed some frressssh talents like Mandroid.

„PLANETARY DEADLOCK“ REMIX EP 2: On the second Beanfield remix EP you can find Fauna Flash’s, Richard Dorfmeister’s and Kosma’s interpretation of Beanfield’s „Planetary Deadlock“. Fauna Flash are the first German drum & bass outfit, to get props from the Metalheadz posse, who play their dubs! All this resulted in a 12 inch exclusive release on Peshay’s label Elementz and a track by Fauna Flash appearing on what maybe the most respected drum & bass compilation „Promised Land 3“. One man who definitely doesn’t have to be introduced is Richard Dorfmeister, one half of Kruder & Dorfmeister. His mix is a wonderful atmospheric downbeat vibe, mellow and gentle sweep. Kosma is Roskow Kretschmann one of Berlins best downbeat, headz and hip hop producers. He has released a few 12inches and a album on Infracom, Frankfurt. And he has made a fantastic trip out of „Planetary Deadlock“ with live-drumming and key-humming!

Beanfield tracklist:

Compost 043: Side A: „Electro-Kraut“ (Ian O’Brien white boy funk remix), „Electro Kraut“ (Original Version), Side AA: „Electro-Kraut“  (Ian Pooley’s Moody Remix), „Green Angel“  (DMX Krew Remix )


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