Nitrogen EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: Nitrogen EP
Cat No: CPT 022-1 / CPT 022-2
Format: 12″ / CD


Info: A1) Placebo „Balek“  (4:19)
Tuff! Dope beats and deep heavy future-sound vibes from 1973!!!!!! Deep funky atmospheric jam made by keyboard-wizzard and moog-jazz-player Marc Moulin. The original single of „Balek“ or LP fetches more than 100 Pound/St. in the rare groove circles!)

A2) Alberto Baldan Bembo „Nitrogen“  (4:20)
Light-fusion-funk-jazz compared to new drum & bass or trip-jazz releases. This is from 1981 but sounds like somethin’ from 1996! Nitro!

B1) Michael Bundt „The Brain Of Oskar Panizza“  (9:43)
Oh! This is a track ahead of all times. Recorded in Germany 1978, but it sounds like The Ballistic Brothers and Josh Wink meets German progressive Krautjazz! This is a track from the Album called „Just Cosmic Kid Has Landed“! Exactly! You can also call him Michael Blunt, haha! This is a must for Techno- and TripHop-DJs, who thought everything starts in the middle of the 80ties. Mad Shit!

Compost has remastered the track – so it sounds better than the original LP-version!

B2) Jan Jankeje „South Indian Line“  (2:29)
Downbeat breakbeat-jazz sampled by Tricky and others. Strange!


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