Fauna Flash – Butterfly Catcher

Artist: Fauna Flash
Title: Butterfly-Catcher / Journey Into Scoose / Lunatic Jam / Butterfly-Catcher (In The Ozone)
Cat No: CPT 007-1
Format: 12″

Quotes: Fauna Flash have solved one of the great puzzles of the late-20th Century: How to take the excitement and energy of drum & bass on record and translate it to a ‘live’ setting. And as a result, they’re going to be lauded and adored wherever they go. Fact! NME / Germany’s answer to Reprazent Mixmag / Stunning debut and the announcement of exciting drum & bass comin’ from Germany! OnMagazine

Info: Until they released their first 12inch in 1995, Munich-based Christian Prommer and Roland Appel (one of Munich’s best wild style DJs by the way) have played drums in different bands / projects. Around 1992 they started doing live drum sets to ambient music at raves and in clubs until around 1994 they gathered studio experience. Their tracks were always influenced by jazz and 80s fusion. And although they are now specialized in drum&bass with futuristic beats and retro samples, you can still tell where their roots are. Since their first release on Compost Records in 1995 Fauna Flash became Germany’s first and most respected D&B live PA.. Catch them playing live with sequencers, drum-machines, keyboard, FX and additional live drums all over clubs in Europe! Or as the British NME once wrote „Fauna Flash have solved one of the great puzzles of the late 20th Century: how to take the excitement and energy of D&B on record and translate it to a ‘live’ setting. And as a result, they’re going to be lauded and adored wherever they go. Fact!“ Which resulted in the boys getting props from the Metalheadz posse, e.g. from Grooverider and Fabio who played Fauna Flash´s dubs on their BBC 1 radio show „One In The Jungle“! A 12inch exclusive release on Peshays label Elementz was to follow (UK release winter  ´97). And a track by Fauna Flash called „At The Movies“ appeared on the „Promised Land 3“ compilation. The tracks on the 12inch taster from their debut album „Aquarius“ were played by DJs like Peshay, Kemistry & Storm, Fabio, Grooverider, Kabuki, and were listed by Gilles Peterson’s personal charts in Straight No Chaser. Ever since the release of “Aquarius”, a record which was a milestone in the German D&B development, Fauna Flash have been extremely busy. “Aquarius” was highly acclaimed by international press and DJs alike. Nevertheless they founded the formation Trüby Trio along with DJ Rainer Trüby from Freiburg and also launched the project Voom:Voom together with Peter Kruder from Vienna. Furthermore they spent a lot of time touring the world: USA, Canada, Germany, Portugal, England, Italy, Benelux, Israel etc… and worked harder than ever to complete their second longplayer “Fusion”, finally released in 2001.

The two producers themselves described “Fusion” – claimed to be one of the best Compost artist-longplayer in the history of the label – as logical progression in D&B with all its different opportunities to express the genre and fuse it with other genres (house, dub, jazz, latin, brazil, hip hop or soul music) as the name of the album implied. All these elements together formed a completely new integrated whole. In its musical connotation „Fusion“ stands for flexibility, deepness, old and new influences, for state of the art big city music with plenty of drums, breaks, groove and harmony. Almost similar to a Fauna Flash DJ set, the record drew a tremedous curve. Thanks to this eclectic blend, tracks of the album were played by DJs from different fields in dance music as for example Gilles Peterson, who played some tracks on his worldwide radio show, Rainer Trüby, Peshay, Tom Middleton, Karl Injex, Michael Rütten, Kruder & Dorfmeister and Kyoto Jazz Massive. Since the Fauna guys themselves gained a lot of respect for their excellent remixes they`ve done for other artists over the years, it was just a consistent step to give „Fusion“ a very special remix treatment by some of the most prolific producers of the international club scene. Whereas „Fusion“ combined various styles and genres, the remixes on „Confusion“, the „Fusion“ remix album, kept track with a wide musically spectrum ranging from hip hop, downbeat, deep house, detroit, electro and future jazz. Due to the superb work of the featured artists like Blue Foundation, dZhian & Kamien, Stereotype, Dixon, Charly Dark, Pole, Salvador Group and Peter Kruder, „Confusion“ turned out to be a self-contained album rather than just another remix effort the world wouldn´t need more of. Currently the boys are busy working on remixes for Roy Davies Jr. and Joseph Malik which are going to find their way straight into the cases and on the decks of many true music lovers around the globe in spring 2004.

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